How to give a woman Super Incredible squirting orgasm

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The ‘total body’ orgasm is one that is significantly stronger than other types of orgasms, and can be felt all over your entire body.

Here is some happy woman’s first-hand account:

“Occasionally my entire body will shiver during an orgasm. It starts off with an overall feeling of extreme rigidity, it feels like certain parts of my body are expanding or distorting. My genitals and breasts feel like they are growing in size. Then my entire body turns to jelly and I lose control. This particular type of climax always starts in the genital area, and rushes over every area in waves. Then the waves expand outwards all over my body and throughout every extremity.  Sometimes I mildly hallucinate, like seeing colors for example. It is a very magical, almost paranormal experience.”

For some people these types of orgasms may be triggered by their level of emotional attachment to their partner, and still some others only get these sensations when they are at the very height of their potential arousal abilities. The most rational explanation for a total body orgasm has to do with the joining of several personal elements- emotion, arousal and sexual energy.  Individual experiences with these orgasms vary; they range from ‘only during masturbation’ to ‘only after several other orgasms’.

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