Seven strategies for stronger men and women orgasms and climax

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Use these tips to enhance your orgasms during sexual intercourse and produce mind-blowing orgasms for women -

1. Keep modifying your movements when pumping. Most guys seem to forget entirely about their pumping patterns. Upon entering, the immediately start to pump in even and very forceful strokes, and speeding up all the way towards their own orgasm. Changing up the pace will definitely increase the length of your sexual encounters.

2. Don’t feel afraid to frequently change up your speed during sex. Doing so will intensify things for all parties involved and deepen the experience as well.

3. You don’t always have to finish up immediately. Instead of simply entering and banging away until you explode, try pulling out and stimulating her in other ways. You can always resume your previous activities a little later and keeps the session going longer; and as we all know, delayed orgasms are better.

4. Stroke her clit when making love. The majority of women can’t orgasm without some kind of clitoral stimulation. Tell her to touch herself and then try to mimic her actions.

5. Try some more daring maneuvers or positions. Changing from the missionary to a position where she is on top, can really energize a sexual session. You get different sensations and also the potential to elongate the session even further with a little change-up here and there.

6. Use orgasm delay and teasing methods. Some techniques used to combat premature ejaculation are very useful, and can definitely be used to further extend a love making session.

7. Kegels, kegels, kegels! Read up on kegel exercises, and how to do them. If you want a stronger orgasm (this goes for both men and women) kegels are the key. They help you develop your internal sexual muscles, prolong ejaculation and intensify orgasms.

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