The Daily Routine of Meditation, Yoga , Hypnosis to cure Ed

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Millions of men worldwide suffer the depressing effects of Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence. And while
there are many treatments available to help those who suffer from this problem, including powerful
drugs and surgery, many men opt for solutions that include meditation or yoga poses (exercises) or

Each of these solutions can help an adult male overcome Erectile Dysfunction so that he can once again
enjoy physical intimacy with his partner. When combined, all three of these solutions work together to
create an overwhelming “antidote” to impotence while also providing help for other health problems.

The routine that incorporates all three of these “health solutions,” meditation, yoga and hypnosis, is
easy-to-follow and should be done daily, all week long. Here’s exactly what you need to do …

On Day One, and every day after, start by finding a comfortable, warm room that features soft lighting
or is, in fact, dimly lit. Next, place a mat or blanket on the floor and lie on it – face up. Importantly, don’t
use a pillow for comfort unless you’ve been ordered to do so by your personal physician because you
need to keep your head elevated for medical reasons.

Now you’re ready to begin. Spend about five minutes unwinding as you lay on the floor. Carefully focus
your mind on the various parts of your body. Do this slowly. Concentrate fully on each body part as it
releases tension and relaxes you. Your focus in this stage should begin with your face, then move to your
shoulders, your arms, your hands and finally to your chest. But, it doesn’t stop there …

When your mind brings you to your chest, turn your focus to your heart and lungs. An interesting thing
will begin to happen when you do that. Your breathing will slow down as your relaxed state improves.
Finished with your chest and the organs inside it? Move on to your stomach and the organs that reside
beneath it.

Finally, shift your concentration to your legs and feet. In the few minutes since you began this process,
you have managed to focus on all the body parts you possess. You have slowed your breathing and
become more relaxed. And now, according to professionals in the fields of meditation, yoga and
hypnosis – you need to return your concentration to your face to make sure that it is still serene, calm …
fully relaxed.

Now, you may believe that the process I’ve just described is the complete daily routine you need to
practice to overcome Erectile Dysfunction and other health problems. It is not. In fact, when you take
the steps mentioned above, you will have simply completed a “mental scan” of your body. There is
much more that follows …

When your mental scan is complete, it is time to begin meditation. According to professionals in this field, it is a good idea to utilize a mantra during this step. What that really means is that you need to chant a mantra (which is a phrase that helps you better focus your attention). It will greatly help you draw attention away from your body to your mind.

Now you’re ready for the next step. Lie very quietly on the mat or blanket that you’ve placed on the
floor. While you’re doing this, thoughts will enter your mind. You need to note them, be aware of them,
but you can’t dwell on them. Let them pass through your consciousness and “take up residence” on the
edges of your brain. In short time, they will just drift away.

What you should be trying to do during this stage is find stillness … a concerted effort – by you – to get
your mind to be “quiet” so that you can better concentrate and become more focused. That is the true
aim of meditation and, in many cases, it is not reached by people the first time they attempt meditation.
If that happens to you, don’t become discouraged. You will eventually learn to achieve perfect stillness
over time.

When you finally do reach this point, you may find that it doesn’t last long. It may pass quickly … don’t
be disappointed if it happens. It is normal and you are normal, as well. In fact, according to a well-

known professional in the fields of meditation and yoga, you can give yourself an “A” if you can achieve
absolute silence and remain in that state for one or two minutes.

However, whether or not you actually achieve perfect silence, it is advisable that you continue
meditation for about ten minutes, or more, if you have the time. When the ten minutes passes, slowly
bring yourself back to your previous state by once again chanting the mantra you used earlier. This
should take about one minute of your time. Important: avoid the use of an alarm device to help you
keep to the schedule. The typical alarm will let off a loud noise that is certain to jolt you and interrupt
your meditation.

It’s worth noting here that meditation affects most people differently. In some cases, people have
reported that their bodies felt heavy; in other cases, the reverse was true – people felt their bodies
become lighter. Many people have actually fallen asleep during meditation … so the possibilities
regarding reaction are great.

There’s no need to worry about how you will react the first time you meditate. In fact, you need to enjoy
any result that occurs. Why … because you are in the very early stages of learning how to relax. And that
is a very good result for you.

When you’ve completed the meditation stage of your daily routine, you will immediately be ready for
the next step – the physical stage – yoga poses (exercises). It’s important for you to know that Yoga
Poses, when done properly, provide you with many physical and health benefits. These include: the
stretching and strengthening of your muscles … better posture and an improved skeletal system …
compression of body parts that results in relaxed organs and nerves.

Clearly, the Yoga Poses (exercises) can help you in many ways. In fact, because they work together

to make your body more resistant and better able to heal itself, the poses are actually very powerful
weapons that can help you fight off or deter disease.

As you near the end of your routine, you need to wind down slowly and continue to relax. During this
final stage, you need to recline in the “corpse pose” for about five to ten minutes while you engage in
very easy relaxation exercises.

According to Mary Ford-Hohne, founder-director of the Yoga and Health Studies Center in Alexandria,
Virginia, this is the ideal time to incorporate the following thought into your routine: “Inhale energy
and healing, exhale fatigue and stress.” That thought will help you complete your routine and make it

One more thought: as stated earlier, make sure that you find a warm, cozy place to lie down. Wear
loose-fitting and comfortable clothing and perform every task slowly and gently. The purpose of yoga,
combined with meditation and hypnosis is to make you feel good, not to feel pain.

There is, of course, one additional aim connected to this routine. It is this: when you perform this
routine on a daily basis over a period of time, you stand an excellent chance of eliminating Erectile
Dysfunction and Impotence from your life.

It’s a great goal … one that is very achievable. Good luck!

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