Male Multiple Orgasms – The secrets to hot and intense male orgasms

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Use the Chinese ‘deer technique’ as much as possible. It can not only lengthen the period of time that a man is capable of making love, but can also offer up multiple orgasms. What you are really aiming for is executing orgasm without actually ejaculating. “It’s kind of like a slightly longer and weaker version of a normal orgasm.”  According to one man.   He goes on to state, “the really great thing about this technique is that I can remain hard and ready to go immediately following this kind of orgasm.”

Try eliminating all genital stimulation right up to the point of no return. If performed properly men can orgasm slightly without actually ejaculating. Once their feelings of arousal have somewhat dissipated they can resume lovemaking. You can practice this by masturbating while focusing solely on your levels of excitement.  One guy gives his account, “I started out just trying to edge myself to orgasm and pull back; to try and last longer. Every time I would start becoming more and more aroused I would withdraw and stimulate my lover with my fingers, and after a few minutes I would reinsert my penis. By doing this, I am able to bring my arousal level as high as possible before actually achieving full on orgasm. On one particular night, I was backing out in the same fashion and started to have an ejaculation-less orgasm. It was much different than what I was expecting. In the course of the evening I was able to achieve 3 or 4 more orgasms before I finally ejaculated; which was mind blowing.”

Learn an ancient Tantric technique referred to as “the valley’. This technique will bring on waves of orgasms, in varying degrees of strength.  But they occur without actual ejaculation.  A small guide:

-Begin sexual intercourse with a slightly uneven sexual rhythm.
-Once you feel an orgasm starting to build, immediately stop.
-Flex your PC muscle for possible delay.
-Get comfy with your lover and enjoy the cuddle.
-Once the feeling subsides, continue shallow humping.

As stated before, once the orgasm starts to build, use your PC muscle to hold it at bay. After doing this for a while you can start to experience orgasms sans the ejaculation.  Take this gentleman’s story for example, “I started off with the shallow thrusting, and fell into the PC muscle contractions when on the edge. After I had done it enough times, I started getting the sensations, and my arousal level just kept getting higher and higher.” Remember, this is not something that is going to happen for you instantly, you will need practice; and your PC muscle needs to get the proper training before it can work.

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