Tricks to last longer in bed – How to Double the Endurance Double the Enjoyment

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Male stamina enhancement

The average male takes about five to ten minutes to orgasm during sex. Heck, it takes a woman twice that long just to warm up. Improving your endurance can help satisfy both you and your partner.

Women have to carry and deliver babies. It’s only fair that they get to have multiple orgasms. Instead of resenting the fact, use it to your advantage. Learn the art of bringing your partner to orgasm through oral or masturbation methods.


It is an art form because every woman gets her pleasure differently. The more willing you are to practice, the happier your partner will be. If you can make her see stars multiple times, she really won’t care that you are a one shot Johnny.

You may want to spend some time with yourself, as well. Sexual response has four parts to it. There is excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. If you can learn how to keep your own excitement at a seven out of ten score, you will be able to put off orgasm longer. Knowing your reactions will help lengthen your endurance.

Kegels – you may need to exercise your muscles in order to control ejaculation and increase endurance. In order to find the muscle group you want to isolate, try stopping your urine mid-stream. The muscles that let you do this will also help you to contain your ejaculation and last longer in bed.

Kegels are simple to do; squeeze the muscles, hold for about ten seconds and release. They can be done in any place, at any time. If you ask your partner, she may be doing Kegel exercises as you speak. Kegels may seem like a strange idea, but they really do help delay your ejaculation.

Speaking of squeezing, a little squeeze during intercourse can also keep your orgasm at bay. Gently squeeze just below the head with most of the pressure on the underside of the penis. This is often enough to change the blood flow which will help your endurance by holding off ejaculation. Let your partner try doing it; it could enrich the whole session if done right.

Changing the presentation of the penis can also hold off orgasm. Instead of the deep thrusts that can drive you both over the edge, keep your movements shallow. Focus on the first two to three inches of the vaginal entrance. There are a ton of sensitive nerve endings in this region that you can use to make your mate smile. Pressure on the clitoral head can also drive her insane, in a good way.

When a woman is on top the penis gets less stimulation. The less stimulation means, the more endurance you will have. So if things are moving too fast, have your partner saddle up and climb on board. She will need to keep her movements short and shallow if she wants you to last more than the eight seconds.

on top

If you happen to orgasm before your partner, try again. Fight the natural urge to fall into the happy, coma-like sleep. It takes longer to reach orgasm during the second round. Practice makes perfect and this will help your overall endurance in the long run.

Don't think much

Try to keep orgasm out of your mind during sex. The area of the brain responsible for triggering orgasm is engaged whether you’re trying to have one or halt one. The more you worry about ejaculating earlier, the more likely it will happen. Find something else to think about: the way your partner looks, the sounds she makes or the stats of your favorite sports team. One word of caution, if you do resort to sport figures to help you last longer try not to say them out loud. It will make early ejaculation feel like a pleasant interlude in comparison.

When all else fails, you may find help in herbal remedies to increase endurance. VigRX and Semenax are two popular brands that you can look for. These blends can help your endurance and make you go longer than the average male.
Nothing kills a sexual mood like low endurance and early ejaculation. Fortunately, you and your partner don’t have to live with limited endurance. A little patience, practice and maybe a pill or two will have you both enjoying the moment to the fullest.

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