Exercise – Exploring Your Sexual Body!

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Sexual awareness is a great thing to possess, increase yours by really exploring your genital area. Pick a time when you have complete privacy and really explore. Seeing a thing from every possible angle is an important, you should use a full-length mirror and also a smaller mirror. There is nothing wrong with this; you shouldn’t feel awkward at all about looking at your own body. As you are investigating, try to focus on the things you are most proud of.

Most guys have certainly spent a great deal of time physically touching their genitals, that’s for sure. Men attach a great deal of personal emotion to their little friend; you’ll be hard pressed to find a guy who doesn’t particularly like his penis. Personal emotions can run the gamut from intense joy to embarrassment. If you are to be truly ‘sexually healthy’ you’ll need to develop a positive relationship with your penis.

Try to envision your penis as if it weren’t yours at all, but something you’re not familiar with. Remember that stimulation can be physical or psychological, that is what we are working on. For younger men spontaneous erections are more common. At around 35 -40, getting erections usually needs to be accompanied by physical stimulation. This is completely normal, things change with age; sometimes for the better.

After you’ve discussed a few things with your partner and have fully explored your genitalia it’s time to really be honest with yourself.  How do you really feel about your penis?


Do you take your genitals for granted?  Take the time to really reflect on your personal emotions with regards to your member.  If you are to develop a good relationship with your penis you need to sort through your issues and accept some things.

The truth about your penis

It should come as no surprise that the majority of guys think their ‘junk’ is smaller than average, which tells you a lot about male sexuality and how they see themselves fitting into the bigger picture.  Men spend way too much time worrying about their size. In order to have good relations with yourself and others, you must develop a better image of yourself, and learn to accept the things that cannot be changed.  According to researchers, penis size is not related sexual desire. And also keep in mind that for most women, sex is more psychological than purely physical, and if you’re having problems she’ll pick up on them intuitively.

You might think that a large penis is the only thing that can make a woman orgasm during intercourse; but you’d be wrong. The vagina isn’t the woman’s sole pleasure seeking sex organ. The clitoris is hands down the most sensitive sex organ that a woman has; it rests just above the vaginal opening guys. The clitoris is analogous to the penis, only it has more nerve endings concentrated in a smaller area. This is the thing most responsible for giving a woman pleasure.

Clitoral stimulation is very pleasurable for a woman and they prefer it in an indirect manner. During sex the clitoris is stimulated by being pulled on by the surrounding tissues for each individual thrust. Vaginas don’t actually contain that may nerve endings, most are located toward the outside. The vagina can also compensate for any size penis and is very physically active. For the vagina to fully expand, at least 30 minutes of foreplay may be in order.  Sometimes a man may get the wrong idea; thinking his penis is too small for his lover, especially if they’re rushing into sex quickly. Women need time in order to let their genitals prepare for intercourse; they need to reach their appropriate level of arousal for best results. Complete genital incompatibility is an extremely rare thing, and shouldn’t even be one of your major concerns.

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