15 Better Sex Tips – How to have better sex for a lifetime!

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Use the following tips for a better sex life -

Doing something as simple as wrapping your penis up with a bow and ‘presenting’ it to your wife can lead to results with some couples….

Here are some additional ideas, most of which aren’t as corny as the bow thing.

Find the Treasure

Work backwards from the proposed love making site leaving clues along the way. You can start off by leading your significant other to the refrigerator for example, by leaving an envelope with directions somewhere convenient. Leave some lingerie in the fridge and another note sending them to yet another location, and so on. After leading them around for a while finish up with a note detailing a time and place for a “lovemaking session”.


Our brain is probably the most important receptor when it comes to sexual pleasure, consciously and subconsciously. As you are probably aware, the inhibition of one or more senses will elevate the other functioning senses. For example, a blind person has increased hearing, smell and touch when compared to the average person. You can tap into this innate shared human ability of ours and use it to enhance your sexual activities: Blindfolding your partner will increase their sensory knowledge. Not being able to rely on sight will really make you love making session much more dramatic than usual. Tease her in a merciless manner with all different kinds of sensory objects, (feather or your tongue). Begin softly, (as this creates more anticipation and excites her nerve endings sensitizing them) try not to over-stimulate their nerve endings, because repeated firing of neurons can deaden or numb them.

Sensual Massage

Giving your partner a sensual massage is one of the most exceedingly soothing and sexy things you can do for them, (which is why it consistently makes it onto nearly all of the tips for better sex lists). Our bodies are almost always tense in some areas, without exception. This inhibits your energy flow (chi), including your sexual energy. If your car has a congested fuel line the energy source can’t get exactly where it needs to go as easily and as a result, your car won’t perform as well, if at all.

A calming massage will release her body and open it up to some very concentrated orgasms or at least more passionate sex. This is a skill set that you should take the time to become acquainted with, the same goes for them: Remember, you are looking for an active massage that will engage her, not a deeply relaxing massage that will get them ready for bed.

Missionary position

The traditional way that missionary position is performed makes it highly unlikely for a woman to be able to climax. But with one simple adjustment you can change all of that and increase your chances of giving her an orgasm in this position. Have the man move his entire body up about two inches. Your pubic bones will rest on top of each other so that the base of his penis presses on your clitoris. This position provides continuous stimulation of the clitoris during sex which in turn increases your chances of having an orgasm markedly.

Play “dress up”

Role playing is easier for some than it is for others, once you become accustomed to its ins and outs you’ll start having more fun with it. Being able to step out of your day to day role can be a really fun way to give each other permission to “misbehave”. Playing the role of another person during sexual congress is a very pleasurable way to give your partner something different and spice things up at the same time. Role playing is a great way to have better sex regularly and also to create excitement with your partner. Often times it is the woman who actually does the dressing up because they usually enjoy it more; and they have the clothes, underwear and makeup. Just don’t forget to include yourself in the action guys….

Tough Kisses

Most men seem to prefer to avoid kissing after being married or involved for any length of time. If you really want more kissing in your day to day life and lovemaking sessions, try some of these on for size.

1. Tell him to show you how it feels to be kissed by you
2. Simply tell him how much you like kissing
3. Tell him you are going to kiss him the way you want to be kissed
4. Pavlovian conditioning -Whenever he kisses you the way you like, reinforce the behavior with praise or a “treat”.

Change the nature of your kisses by exposing them to cold or hot things prior to puckering up. Putting your tongue on ice or sip a frozen drink before puckering up, heating your kisses up by drinking hot tea (coffee breath is usually awful) or hot chocolate are great ways to enhance things. Fragrant and juicy fruits are perfect to eat before kissing; try peaches, plums, pears or nectarines.

A somewhat open mouth makes for much more fervent kissing than a closed one. The insides of your lips are much smoother and softer than the outsides.


Simultaneous orgasms between two people usually are highly over-rated and not always the most powerful experience. As an alternative to aiming for one giant orgasm that you experience together, try to bring her to climax first so that both of you can enjoy your orgasms. At some point afterwards he will get his chance to focus on his own detonation. In this way each person gets to enjoy the energy from multiple orgasms. Women often become even more aroused after they orgasm so when he finally orgasms she will enjoy the sensations that much more. Most men can feel like complete failures if they are not able to bring their wife to climax. Sometimes this can be due to premature ejaculation, other times it is just that she wasn’t able get there anyway. Try to realize that for most women, lovemaking does not automatically translate to orgasm, like it is for most men. An awesome side benefit undoubtedly, but not necessary for a woman to fully enjoy the session.

Aphrodisiac tea

Some teas can have aphrodisiacal effects, some greater than others
• Gentian tea for amplified desire
• St. Johns Wort is a well known mood enhancer and aphrodisiac.
• Aniseed is believed to regulate and increase hormone creation.
• Peppermint tea is considered to prolong erection times
• Clove tea for penis stimulation

Are you too tired for sex?

If you find that you are too worn out for sex you can try this nifty trick on for size. Take a hot bath 10 minutes prior to your session and then immediately stand up and catch a quick cold rinse. Your pores will open up and you will receive a much needed rush of energy.

Testicle stimulation

While your guy is thrusting, gently grip his testicles to the tempo of his movement; and that’s pretty much it.

Cock rings for increased rigidity

Cock rings are supposed to slow down the flow of blood from out of your erect penis, thereby keeping you harder for grater amount of time. The harder a penis is the more stimulation that the woman receives from it. Cock rings are pretty cheap and can be visually appealing as well; overall, they’re a nice toy to add to the collection. Cock rings guarantee that you can uphold your pace without wavering which of course leads to better sex. These devices are often very pleasing for the ladies.

A clean and comfortable bed is definitely underrated

You’re supposed to want to do it on the kitchen floor, in an airplane bathroom, or hanging from your chandelier, right? There’s absolutely no shame in preferring your good clean sheets to any of those locations.

Caressing her breasts

Immediately removing your wife’s bra can be too mechanical and a little off putting. After gently stroking her bosoms through the fabric of the bra, slowly pull down one strap and begin to kiss her shoulder and neck areas, repeat on the other side. Women’s entire breasts need attention, not just the nipple area. Don’t forget the areas underneath her breasts.

Teasing methods

Tease her clitoris and vulva with your erect penis. Even after she has become ready for penetration, make her wait, until she is begging for it. Women don’t particularly like it when a guy hammers them like a beat up piece of lumber with a power tool. As a general rule of thumb, gentle is better than furious; have fun.

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