Yoga for Impotence, ED and Sexual Dysfunction

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Millions of adult males all over the world suffer the distressing symptoms of Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction. For some men, the causes are mental; for others, the problem is entirely physical.

Regardless of the cause, the vast majority of men try to find relief – and release from the problem – through a variety of available solutions, the most prominent of which are usually powerful prescription drugs or surgery.

There are a number of other ways to find help for this very serious problem, as well. One of the best of these alternate solutions involves the practice – and daily use – of simple Yoga Exercises. It’s true.

According to Alice Christiansen, Founder and Executive Director of the American Yoga Association, a basic Yoga pose, known as “The Knee Squeeze” can, when combined with two other common Yoga poses, known as “The Easy Bridge” and “The Cobra” fight against Erectile Dysfunction and help to alleviate and even reverse the problem.

Importantly, this combination of three poses (exercises) needs to be incorporated in a daily routine that includes deep breathing and meditation. Ms. Christiansen also recommends that meditation breaks should be taken throughout the day, every day, in brief intervals of just 5 to ten minutes.

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———————————EDITOR’S NOTE———————————————

Here is what you need to know about The Knee Squeeze Pose.

As is true for virtually all Yoga poses or exercises, The Knee Squeeze Pose is a simple and easy-to-do exercise. To begin … lie face up on the floor or on a mat with your hands at your sides and your toes slightly pointed. That’s easy enough, of course … but it’s just the beginning. When you’re in position, inhale slowly and deeply as you raise your right knee to your chest for a few seconds. Then … slowly exhale as you straighten your knee and lower it – again, slowly – back to the floor and its original position.

Repeat the process with your left leg. Do this exercise with each leg for a total of three times, alternating the leg that you raise and lower until the exercise is completed. But wait … you’re not finished …

Now, breathe in deeply once again. Then, raise both of your knees up to your chest at the same time and wrap your arms around your legs, remain in that position for a few moments, unlock your arms, exhale slowly and lower both legs. That’s it … you’re done – this wonderful, useful exercise is complete. Or … is it? Yes, it’s complete. But, once you get good at it, you may wish to “step up” to a better version.

Here’s how to do the “Expert” Version of The Knee Squeeze Pose … after a few weeks of working on the basic exercise, graduate to this more skilled version. It has a simple addition: while you’re raising and lowering your legs, you can also raise your hands and then place your head between your knees … as far as it can go.

A word of caution: if you experience pain in your lower back, bend your legs … raise your knees … and place your feet directly on the floor. Remain in this position for at least 30 seconds, longer, if possible. Then, follow the basic instructions provided for the Knee Squeeze Pose.

Here’s how to do the Easy Bridge Pose.

This is the second of the three poses (exercises) recommended for help in overcoming Erectile Dysfunction. Here is what you need to do …

To begin, lie on the floor or on a mat with your knees bent. Next, place your two feet flat on the floor and as close to your buttocks as possible. Place your hands by your side, palms down.

Now … exhale very slowly as you relax your head, your neck and your shoulders. When you begin to slowly exhale, raise your hips off the floor … again – slowly. Next … arch your back while your neck and shoulders remain on the floor (their original position). Lock into this pose for as long as it takes you to breathe or exhale two or three times.

Finally, slowly lower your hips back onto the floor, exhaling slowly. Repeat this entire process two more times. That’s it … the entire exercise. And, when you’ve mastered it, consider the “expert” version.

Step up to the “expert” Version of The Easy Bridge Pose … to do so, add this one step. Grab your ankles with your hands – hold them – then continue with the basic exercise, as described above.

Incorporate The Cobra Pose into your Exercise Regimen.

Here is the third and final recommended pose (exercise) that can help you overcome problems of Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence. As is true for the other two poses, it is easy to do. Here is what is required …

To begin: lie face down with your forehead touching the floor. Your toes should be pointed downward, touching the floor along with your forehead. Next, place your hands – palms down – on the floor as close to your armpits as possible. Then:

Lift your head slowly off the floor, exhaling deeply. As you raise your head off the floor, be sure to look straight up. Now … lift your chest and stomach off the floor, as well. Use your powerful back muscles to help you complete this exercise.

When you believe you’re ready to advance, try the expert version of this pose.

Here’s how to do the “expert” version of The Cobra Pose. You need simply add one step to the basic version. It is this: grab your ankles with your hands and hold onto them as you proceed with the pose by following the instructions indicated above.

There is something you need to know. You should avoid this pose if you are nursing an open wound in your abdominal area or if you have recently undergone pelvic surgery.

That’s it. Yoga can definitely help you overcome stress or physical problems that may be inhibiting your ability to enjoy sexual intimacy with your partner.

If you’re thinking about using Yoga to help you regain your sexual vigor, be sure to select a qualified Yoga teacher to help you or join a class with instructors who have good reputations.

Yoga, unlike most other professional disciplines, has no certification process or guidelines … so you need to be careful about whom you select for assistance and training.

Once you settle on a potential instructor, ask questions – lots of them – before you make a financial commitment.

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