The Sensual Tantric Sex techniques!

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No doubt, you’ve probably heard of Tantric sex, at least in passing. It is so potent and profound that after you’re introduced to it, you won’t want to do without it. Sensuality is all about taking your time and soaking in the feelings, exploring your partner’s body and giving them pleasure; and it isn’t exactly tied to eroticism or orgasm. The key thing to absorb about Tantric sex is it is based on relaxation and awareness of your physical self. This will require you to learn to focus on your physical self in new ways; you’re looking at the whole body, not just the sexual organs.

You would think that widening your focus (physically) would open yourself up to even quicker ejaculations, but this is not the case.  Follow the guidelines laid out in this article to quickly develop your Tantric chops.
First, let’s define what ‘focusing’ means for our purposes. Without a proper definition, it’s very easy to get the wrong idea, and confuse sexuality and sensuality

For starters, you should learn to really ‘feel’ what is going on throughout your entire body as stimulation begins and increases; and try to remain calm, if you lose your head you can’t experience Tantric sex. Stop equating sex with orgasm. Your partner can think about or act in whatever way they want to, however it is your job to remain calm and resolute.

An example of sensual focus:

What is your mindset when receiving a massage? You get a nice sensation of calm, and you feel like jelly. Massage really opens up your parasympathetic system. During a massage it’s normal to concentrate on the actual sensations you are receiving, because they are so comforting. The sensations and feelings you get from massage are very different from sexual arousal.

You can apply the lessons learned from an exercise like massage to your sexual appetite. What you need to do is bring those feelings together in some fashion. Clear your mind. Become prepared for stimulation but not urgently desiring it, simply try to experience it without falling into the trap of having to ‘blow your load”.  .

You wouldn’t think that simply focusing on body related sensations would do much in the way of helping you delay orgasm, but the general consensus seems to be that it works. In order for it to work properly, you have to be relaxed and focused simultaneously while concentrating on all-over body sensations. This doesn’t imply that your thoughts should be erotic or sexual in nature; they should just set to task on taking everything in.

The biggest reason for failure has to do with an individual’s inability to remain calm. Invariably, most of the people who can’t achieve this are guilty of harboring sexual thoughts and feelings instead of simply existing and experiencing; they are not being passive enough.

The idea is to stimulate your partner while at the same time remaining mentally passive about the whole affair.

Don’t expect to break your urgent horniness or orgasm desires so quickly, sometimes it will happen whether or not you want it to, just keep it up. Once your pleasure meter hits the breaking point, you are most likely to drop everything else and seek justified climax. Your pulse goes up, you lose clarity, and your body further prepares for ejaculation.  The tide can change in an instant, so be mindful of your feelings, and try to focus on your sensuality, not your sexuality.

By simply focusing on the physical sensations you experience, you will eventually build up a tolerance (not unlike a drug tolerance) which will allow you to really experience sex; once you reach this point you are set. Building up a tolerance is necessary if you want to truly experience Tantric sex, or just last a little longer in the sack. This is not the same thing as simply avoiding sex, or thinking about it. That will only further sensitize your mind and body, making your bedroom time even shorter in duration.

Listen to your body, and become a more sensual person.  Even if it takes a while to master, eventually you’ll notice the change and things will become so much deeper for you sexually.

Don’t forget! Stay relaxed, soak in all physical data, banish your climax- related fantasies and enjoy the ride.

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