The Calm erection – How to stay hard longer

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We have previously covered the two different types of erections; the first being based on mental stimulation (erotic thoughts and cerebral stimulation), and the second being physical in nature (direct penis stimulation).

The majority of guys become aroused from a combination of the two. From this point on, you should try to engage in a physical erection only. It will be a sort of calm erection that isn’t on the verge of exploding.

Growing an erection in this manner may take a little longer than you’re used to. It is definitely not an instant development, just try to remain as patient as possible and avoid your regular routine. Manual stimulation will probably take a few minutes. Try to avoid any explicit visualization while you are doing this. Remember, you are focusing on your genital region, not your mind; learn to separate the two.

Remember, you must be in control of your erection and arousal from the very start of any sexual activity.  Developing a calm erection is just an extension of these concepts. Calm erections are great for increasing your stamina in the bedroom; and they’re completely natural.  You will need to learn to focus on purely physical sensations in order to actually pull it off.  This will require you to forget about your fantasies and other erotic visualizations. If you are able to concentrate long enough and control your mind, you can see immediate results.  Don’t forget to practice.

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