Summing up the Perfect Premature Ejaculation Cure

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Point # 1 – Most importantly, keep your body in parasympathetic mode for as long as possible.  You need to learn to control your arousal in order to stay in this relaxed state for any length of time. Remember, it’s not as if you’re actually controlling your arousal levels, you are simply not allowing it to take over and run amok. Focus on your breathing when trying to maintain arousal levels. Remain relaxed and breathe in deliberate intervals. Take deeper breaths when your body dynamic changes. In all honesty, sex and arousal are mostly part of a mental construct. Controlling your thoughts is just as easy as limiting your physical stimulation.  Empty your head, and relax your body; that’s all there is to it.

Point # 2 – Be sure of yourself and your abilities. If you don’t believe in yourself, how is anyone else supposed to?  A little self assurance can go a long way. Without it, anything you do may become inconsequential. Without a confident and relaxed demeanor you won’t perform well. Let go of your worries and concerns and just be ‘in the moment’. Just do your best, and forget about all of your past sexual encounters. Prolonging your ejaculation is all about the confidence you exert, and maintaining relaxation. Accept the fact that for a lot of men PE is very common, and nothing is “your fault” to begin with. You are most likely very healthy, and your problems are not medically related. Walk tall, no one likes a whiner.

Point # 3 – Your PE could be stemming from poor masturbation habits. Premature ejaculation is frequently brought on by years of trying to get there too quickly. You should be attempting to re-wire your body for longer stimulation. You probably need to quash your agitated ejaculatory reflexes. Keep expanding the duration of your sexual activities; by doing so, you will insure your triumph. Take your focus away from reaching orgasm as fast as possible, and turn it towards maintaining extended sessions of relaxed pleasure. Re-wiring your body can be performed while engaging in sex with a partner or with masturbation.  The previous material covered deals with the best methods for achieving this. Self-stimulation (if at all possible, with a sex toy) is going to work better than sex with a partner; at least at first. In a solo setting, there’s less pressure to perform and no chance of embarrassment.

Point # 4 – Learn to control and work your PM (Perineal muscles – PC and BC muscles). You can only train yourself to avoid ejaculation by becoming familiar with the PM and its functions; of which there are two. Firstly, keep your PM relaxed (as well as your entire body) as a primary way to avoid ejaculation. Once this muscle begins producing contractions, the ejaculation process has started. So don’t forget about those PM relaxation techniques. Direct focus on the PM is also advised. Train yourself (through use of the PM) to have multiple orgasms. Getting to this point will require you to develop a very strong PM. With mastery of this technique comes the ability to engage in sex for as long as you want without worry, and you should only have to cease activity to produce these mini-orgasms.

Point # 5 – We’ve covered a lot of material here, and you probably want to jump right in and do everything at once. Be realistic, you can’t perform everything in a day, it takes time. Don’t let all of this data clutter up your mind, particularly when engaging in sexual activities. You should try everything we’ve discussed, but do so while maintaining your ability to remain relaxed. You can’t force yourself to remain relaxed and focused.  Let it come to you in a natural way. A sympathetic state is brought on by anxiety and over thinking. Enjoy yourself, and don’t make this into something you ‘have to do’ or dread. Where do I go from here?   You now possess all the knowledge you need in order to end your bout with premature ejaculation; all that’s left is for you to take direct action. This problem is not as impossible to overcome as you might be thinking.  Make a promise to yourself that you are going to give this an honest and dedicated shot. Take your training seriously. This will be a gradual process; you won’t become a stud overnight. You will need true dedication in order to achieve your goal. I’m 100% sure that you will find the results you get to be more than worth your effort in the end.

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