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Hello, you can find out which male enhancement products we recommend or you may read our reviews on vigrx, viagra and cialis or read our comprehensive articles on premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.


Submitted by Roger -

Viagra was prescribed to aid with erections — which it did really nicely but it assist with my general feeling of sexuality. Test revealed border line male hormone levels (T levels) but my Doc decided against trying to boost this. Instead she suggested a switch of medication for the acid reflux to an H2 blocker (ranitidine) helped somewhat but wasn’t the whole answer to the erection issue. Great joyful sex look like it had turn out but even masturbation wasn’t feasible until I turned to herbal and amino acid supplements.

I tried the whole spectrum sold by healthfood suppliers most if they have any effect only raise the heart beat and blood pressure. L-Arginine is distinct, it isn’t a wonder instant erection drug like Viagra, instead L-Arginine raises my general feeling of male sexual awareness, for two or three years I had lost that” kind of ” warm aware feeling most men have within the penis and groin.

Now right after a couple of months of taking three x 500mg L-Arginine per day I discover erections without the aid of Viagra no issue, what is the effectiveness seems to get much better with time. If i intend to be sexually active I try to take extra L-Arginine within the hours prior to sexual activity. I really should also add that the volume of sperm ejaculated at orgasm.


Submitted by Dave

I am taking this pretty low dose¬† – Within a week I noticed a massive improvement in sexual thoughts also as physical sensation of want. It has stayed and totally enhances the entire experience, orgasms are a lot a lot more intense. Also there is a total lack of bad food cravings. This is really handy as i usually wish to eat anything that isn’t chained down correct prior to my period. It is excellent stuff. Costly, but look at what we will pay for a latte or lunch!


Submitted by John

Much better than cialis I stopped utilizing cialis because of side effects. Viagra also works much betterand I have only utilized 100mg pills due to the fact another drug, Seroquel, had negative sexual side effects on me. Cost is about $10 per pill, similar to other pills in this category. FYI… most insurance firms will only permit you about 8 pills a month, so in the event you split 100mg pills (same cost as 50mg pills) in half then you will get 16 doses. From what I’ve heard from others, 50mg works nicely.


Submitted by Ron

Overrated & Potentially dangerous I got my hands on some of this stuff in my mid 20′s. I was already pretty sexually hyper within the first place and at the time I was living with two girls, one was a waitress and the other was a part time porn actress. They were bisexual, so it was a little bit of heaven on earth for this dog of a man. So we were experimenting with all kinds of stuff and Yohimbe was one of them. I didn’t discover it really helpful, it was costly and when I got real sick on night right after drinking some wine, I found out it was an MAOI and that it could react dangerously with a variety of things that contained sulfites and/or tryptamine. So that was it. Frankly, with those two ladies, the ultimate supplement at the time was biphetamines (black beauties) and Quaaludes! Now that was a guaranteed eight hours of uninhibited hot fun. Shame you can’t get that stuff anymore, it was actually excellent. Because i believe that in a free country most recreational drugs really should be legalized for adults (as long as you don’t hurt or interfere with anyone else, shouldn’t be any one else’s business in my opinion), I’d be all for it. But don’t mess with Yohimbe unless you are working with a competent physician.


Submitted by John

I have just started Dostinex @ 0.5mg twice a week. On the first day I noticed an effect. It wasn’t intense, but it felt like a gradual ‘reconnection’ to my gentitals right after years of ‘numbness’ caused by SSRI’s. It’s libido enhancing effect became a lot more noticeable as the week has gone by. It’s excellent to feel sexually ‘driven’ again. I have high hopes for this drug. It could be a life saver in combination with Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. I haven’t tried it in combination yet, but I will do so Asap.

Just a quick update. I’m on week 3 of the Dostinex. I have noticed a large difference in my libido. It has increased to the point where I’m feeling like I did when i was in my early twenties. This is a really great drug. I have it tried in combination with Viagra and i’m Really Satisfied. I’ll let you discover out for yourselves.

I think it would make an awesome combination with Cialis. It could turn an ordinary weekend into a festival for you and your partner.

I’ve been looking for something like this ever because I started Effexor 8 years ago.

No Reviews yet
Androgl – TRT

AndroGel – TRT Works – ¬† Switch to Testim Had sudden onset severe anxiety issue that quickly led to ultra high cortisol (thought at one point to have Cushings Disease) and then to depression. Suffered almost immedate loss of libido and Ed. A lab test showed that (at tender age of 53) my total Test and free Test levels had dropped to abnormally low levels and i was clinically “hypogonadal”.

Initially was put on 5 grams of AndroGel and that was upped later to 7.5 grams AndroGel. No a lot more problems with Ed and libido has improved very a bit (I initially went from a 10 to a 0 and am now back up to about a 4 – 5). A great deal of the libido problems are in part because of ongoing depression and cortisol problems….

Mine is covered by insurance (with a co-pay) so cost isn’t too bad.

Right after numerous months at 7.5 grams of AG, I was moved up to 10 grams of AG and then a couple months later was switched to 10 grams daily of Testim. Testim is “stronger” for the same amount (clinical trials have corroborated that a higher percentage of the Testosterone in Testim gets leached into the bloodstrea, in comparison with an identical amount of AndroGel).

Am planning to go to a TRT protocol involving weekly Im shot of low dose Test (50 – 80 mg weekly) and low-dose HcG subq shots. Will probably start this protocol some time right after the start of the year.

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