Relaxing the PC muscles to delay ejaculation

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If you want to control your ejaculation reflex you must learn to keep your PM relaxed. This little detail could be responsible for bedroom success or failure. The body will stay in parasympathetic mode as long as this muscle is relaxed. Truth be told, this is undoubtedly the most effective means of keeping the ejaculatory reflex under control.

The PM squeezed and contracts frequently during sexual activities, especially right up to and during orgasm; that is what is supposed to happen. The movement of the PM is autonomic and is responsible for raising arousal levels leading up to orgasm. The constricting of the PM is a foremost provider in initiating ejaculation; it drives more blood to the perineal (or genital) area and prepares the ejaculatory ducts for action. The motion also prepares the seminal vessels for immediate expulsion of semen.

Pay closer attention to what your PM is doing when engaging in sexual activities. Most guys completely avoid their PM, or they simply don’t even know it exists. While it may seem as if controlling these reflex actions is impossible, I assure you that it is not. With a little practice, you’ll get used to it.

Here is how you do it – Keep your PM as relaxed as possible next time you engage in any sexual activity. Try not to let it contract, and make sure not to keep it flexed. The main point to absorb here is; don’t let things escalate to the point where you lose control.

Sensual sex techniques and acts work very well when attempting to monitor your PM in its current state. In case you forgot; sensual love making is all about directing your pleasure in a way that makes it as non-sexual as possible.  Try to focus on physical sensations not erotic mental imagery.

The next time you have sex; try to keep your PM perfectly relaxed. You will most likely fee as if you could last forever; your urge to ejaculate will be almost non-existent.  This is due to the fact that the body is being forced to remain in parasympathetic mode.

It will take control and attention in order to keep your PM relaxed. The truth is, you should be completely focused on your PM in every sexual encounter henceforth. Once you have made it into a habit, it will become second nature to you.

If you want to keep your ejaculatory reflex at bay, the best way is to rely on the assistance from your PM. If you don’t believe me, try to stimulate yourself while keeping that muscle relaxed. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you find out that you can receive continuous stimulation without feeling the urge to orgasm.  Afterward, you should let the PM do its natural thing; you’ll find that your arousal level will change dramatically. In almost no time you’ll feel things down below begin bubbling like a caldron.

Keeping your PM relaxed during sex won’t be easy at first. Practice other arousal control methods together with your PM awareness exercise. When you combine these 2 ideas with the breathing techniques we already covered, you will possess a very powerful arsenal. It only takes most guys around a month to get the hang of things. With a little effort you will notice results in as little as 1 – 3.days.

Alternatively, you can also use the PM to actually hold your ejaculation at bay, even as orgasm becomes imminent.
The strange thing about the PM is that when it contracts, it can trigger ejaculation, but once you get close to ejaculating it won’t help at all. Squeezing and holding the PM right before ejaculation is the best way to prevent it from happening.
The PM squeeze is sort of a ‘last defense’ for avoiding ejaculation.  Don’t rely on just this one method of prolonging yourself.  Also, if you repeatedly try to reach orgasm just to practice this PM technique you’re wiring your body to produce an even quicker ejaculation.

A step by step guide / method to using the PC muscles…

1.    You will only train your body to ejaculate sooner by trying to reach orgasm quickly and practicing the technique of PM relaxation to hold it back. Only use this technique when you reach ‘the point of no return’.

2.    When ejaculation becomes imminent, immediately stop all stimulation and squeeze your PC muscle.

3.    You may want to also incorporate your abs into the procedure, it really seems to help.

4.    Keep squeezing your PM and flexing your abs until you feel the urge to ejaculate subsides, it may take several seconds. Don’t try to hold your breath, keep your breathing even and continuous and at a medium depth. Extremely deep breathing can make it nearly impossible to keep squeezing the PM, because of the pressure it exerts on certain areas around the genitals.

5.    While performing this, try to keep your arousal level as low as possible. In this way, you’ll be able to immediately start over without any hang ups. And like before, when you begin again, keep the PM relaxed.

The sensations you will receive from this exercise will be akin to a non-ejaculatory orgasm (orgasm without ejaculation). If you don’t start the PM squeeze early enough it won’t work (if semen has made its way to far inland). Squeezing too late may yield the possibility of holding it at bay for a while; but rest assured, as soon as the PM is relaxed you will ejaculate. It’s not actually a bad thing, (might be slightly messy) the plus side is you will be able to maintain your erection.

You will get similar results from squeezing too early. In doing so, you will actually assist in pushing ejaculate out of your body. Try squeezing around 2-3 seconds before you feel ejaculation is imminent; these times may vary slightly from person to person.  You will need to discover your optimal time.

For most individuals a non-ejaculatory orgasm can only be triggered by ceasing all manual stimulation prior to orgasm. It is pretty difficult to hold it back for most people while stimulation is ongoing. But ceasing stimulation is still preferable to premature ejaculation. As your experience and skill increases you will probably be able to hold it back during stimulation.

The truth is, this ‘holding it back’ thing is very difficult to get the hand of, but don’t let that prevent you from achieving your goal. Diligence is the key word here, if you keep at it, it will happen for you. It’s one of those things that are deceptively simple (squeezing your PM as ejaculation becomes imminent).

The PM muscles are responsible for preventing or initiating premature ejaculation. Delaying ejaculation is all about keeping the PM in a relaxed state for as long as possible. Holding back ejaculation is as simple as squeezing the PM right when ejaculation starts to take over.

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