Recognizing the ‘point of no return’

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I’m sure you’ve probably heard of ‘the point of no return’ before. The point of no return is the feeling you get right before orgasm when you lose control, it usually lasts around 3-5 seconds. It is the last stop before orgasm occurs.

Masturbation is the best way to locate and learn more about your own point of no return. Get more in tune with your own body; learn what makes your nether regions tick.  A lot of experts think that the point of no return is a signal to the body telling it to cease all stimulation. While this is sort of true, you should really be trying to identify the moment’s right before the point of no return.

The feeling you get 10-30 seconds before reaching the point of no return is what you are looking for. This is the point where the sensations you are feeling on and in your genitals is sensitive and very pleasurable; additionally, you will feel your PM start trying to contract.  What’s actually occurring?  Your nerves are being stimulated to their very limit. Then your body moves into the point of no return, and your muscles down there prime themselves for ejaculation.

If you’ve been paying attention to the information presented so far, you should be able to easily identify your own point of no return.  Arousal control will become more focused once you become acquainted with the specific techniques in practice and with your body’s own peculiarities. And if you accidentally move into the point of no return, you’ll notice that the PM squeezing method will greatly reduce the sensations.  Holding back an ejaculation will become even easier once you’ve been able to identify the ‘pre-‘point of no return. The key is to start your PM squeeze at just the right time; not to early not too late. Once the PONR is reached, one simple thrust could trigger ejaculation. As stated before, anything is preferable over premature ejaculation

Try to get as acquainted as you possibly can with your limits. Once you’re able to identify the pre-point of no return, you will be able to effectively block ejaculations. And if you accidentally move past the point of no return, you will still be able to prevent ejaculation.

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