Why there are so many Penis pills?

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Magna-rx, Blowing Tiger, Rx-stamina, ProLibido, or anything fancy with an ‘x’ in it. And you got a penis pill name?

I think I am the guy who used to get excited about the idea of popping a pill and getting my sex life recharged. As I told you earlier I had low Testosterone levels as well so I had to find something that worked for me as my Doc just won’t help me. I have tried lots of these products and soon found out what’s going on in there.

There is something inherently wrong about anonymous, foreign young women advertising a product for increasing the size of body part they don’t even have. Yet, almost every email account junk box is filled with these advertisements. Penis pill scams are swamping the internet and a lot of men are falling for them.

Most men are concerned about their penis size. It is a big part of their image whether they want to admit it or not. Companies who produce penis pills know this and are using this fact to get honest money in less than honest means.

Avoiding a penis pill scam is actually fairly easy. Men just need to look beyond the naked women on the ads and take a good look at the pills themselves. Men need to look at the ingredients in the pills. Most penis pills are filled with relatively harmless and ineffective ingredients. If men don’t understand the ingredients, they should not be taking them.

Most penis pill ads are filled with unbelievable testimonials and very little actual data. They promise to increase the size of the penis in a very short time. They may also promise to increase endurance to over an hour. Not only is that unrealistic, it just isn’t healthy or natural. Penis brand pills that do not have credible medical backing should be avoided.

Penis pill scams rely on low self-image to sell their products. They are looking for men who have a secret desire to be another Ron Jeremy or some kind a large-member rock star. In essence, penis pill scams prey upon men who feel inferior.

Men who feel like they are lacking in the penis region don’t have to resort to pills. Getting in shape can do wonders for the appearance of the penis. Men with excess abdominal fat may be unintentionally covering up a very respectable penis. Shaping up the pubic hair can also help the penis really stand out and increase the sensitivity around the base.

Men should talk to their partner before they become victims of penis pill scams. It is a difficult topic, but men may find out that even though the size of the penis does play a role in sexual satisfaction a man’s talents in the bedroom may play a much bigger role than the member he is packing in his pants.

The internet has made it very easy for companies to scam people. Penis pill scam companies know that some men are sensitive about their penis. They use every underhanded trick they can think of to make a profit. There is no magic pill that will increase the penis to horse-like dimensions and men are better off emptying their junk mail quickly.

So I was delighted to note that dietary supplement scam house Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals has been fined $2.5mm for false advertising on their “Smiling Bob” penile enhancement pills. They were nailed not only for making unsubstantiated “Human Tripod” claims about their products, but also for the old bugbear of not honoring a money-back guarantee. Additionally, they will have to make full restitution to any customers they ripped-off.

How To Get Scammed While Buying A Penis Pill?

If you are seriously planning to get scammed by a penis pill company -

1). Do not look for the ingredients in the penis pill. Yeah, why care. The name should be enough. If it’s a product called ‘Blowing Tiger’ that should be enough to convince you It will make you a tiger in bed and blow her mind. Right?

2). Blindly believe any testimonials thrown at you. An increasing number of penis pills companies rely on fake testimonials. What’s more new technologies make it even more easier than ever before to generate a fake testimonial.

3). Buy a product not backed up by medical community.

4). Buy a pill that makes ridiculous claims of penis size increase within a short time or one that makes you last longer than an hour in bed. All those products claiming to turn your member into a super-penis must be right. Right? After all superman also exists somewhere on this planet.

5). Buy any product under self sabotage emotions like inferiority complex, burning desire to be a sex rockstar, or trying to be one of those Porn stars.

Things that are better than a Scam Penis Pill

There are a few things you can do if you’re concerned about your penis size:

*Communicate with your partner. It may be hard to break old habits or to have an open dialogue about your and your partner’s sexual preferences. It ‘s hard to start a talk like that but you’ll be glad you did — and you may be surprised at the spark it puts back in your sex life. Lack of communication among sex partners is one of the primary reasons most couples aren’t happy with their sex lives.

* Get in shape. Enhance your appearance in other ways. Regular exercise and Better physical conditioning can really do wonders. It may not only make you look better, but can also give you more strength and endurance during sex. Better looks also give you more psychological confidence which translates into your behavior in bed.

Get in shape

* Lose the belly. The place that size might help the most is less belly — not more penis. If your lower abdomen hangs over your genitalia, you might look as if you have a shorter, smaller penis than you actually do. Losing the belly fat can help tremendously with penis appearance. Fat can obscure some or much of the upper part of the penis. For this, the best treatment is to achieve a healthy weight.

* Trim your pubic hair. A lot of pubic hair around the base of your penis can make your penis look shorter. Trimming may make your penis look bigger and can also increase sensitivity around the base of your penis.

pubic hair

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