Premature Ejaculation treatment – How to cure early ejaculation and Last longer in bed

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This article is the beginning of the series of articles where we’ll be discussing Premature ejaculation, it’s causes and an effective comprehensive strategy to treat it and stop it permanently. The advice given here should not be taken as professional medical advice under any circumstances and should be regarded as educational at best. The content here will be regularly updated so subscribe to the blog or you can follow on Facebook or Twitter.

Of all the different kinds of complaints we hear from men, premature ejaculation has to be the most familiar. Recent statistics indicate that at up to 40% of guys suffer from P.E. at some point. Most PE sufferers probably don’t have any medical issues to blame for their condition; and they shouldn’t feel embarrassed about such a commonly experienced problem.

PE has many definitions; some guys don’t even consider their PE to be a major problem. If you feel that you are missing out or have had to lower your expectations often due to your PE, you are probably in need of some assistance. For one thing, if you’re here reading this article right now, you must be more than a little concerned about premature ejaculation.

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———————————EDITOR’S NOTE———————————————

Let’s just drop all of the clinical names and stereotypes and lay things out in an easy to understand manner. To put it bluntly, if your female companion or friend(s) complain about problems either with length (of session) or inability to climax; then you might have a slight PE problem.

In truth it is all dependent on what the female’s experience. And of course, this can vary greatly from person to person. Some women can orgasm almost on command while others take a lot of coercing to get there. Some ladies simply cannot orgasm from regular sex; they need some kind of additional stimulation. In this way, you could say that your condition is limited to certain women. In effect, it could be said that your PE is ‘situation dependent’.

The average woman can achieve orgasm (or satisfaction) after only around 10 min. So given that information; if you cannot outlast a normally orgasmic woman outside of 15 min., you most likely have a PE problem.

When to see a Physician

Most likely, you are completely normal, and there is absolutely nothing wrong. But, a trip to the doctor’s office never hurt anyone. Though it is not common, PE can be a precursor to more serious problems; including things such as nerve injury, neurological disorders, or prostate troubles.

How to stop premature ejaculation

Go through the following series of articles on understanding and curing PE permanently and to really last longer in bed.


What Causes Premature ejaculation?

Male ejaculation has been thoroughly researched. On average, ejaculation occurs in around 3-7 minutes after penetrating the vagina for most guys; (that is of course, if he doesn’t try to delay it). While this amount of time may seem paltry, most mamm...


Understanding Erections and Male ejaculation - How it really works?

If you want to delay male ejaculation, you'll have to understand erection. Erection can be initiated in two different ways. Receiving stimulation from these 2 different methods in the correct manner will lead to great things; wrong usage usually leads ...


How ejaculation relates to the nervous system? Improving male ejaculation

A highly tuned and sensitive nervous system is designed to facilitate Premature Ejaculation. The nervous system is comprised of two primary systems; central and peripheral. The central nervous system includes of the brain and the spinal cord. The pe...


Arousal control techniques - Learn to control your sexual responses

Being able to control your level or arousal is needed if you are trying to learn to control your sexual responses. This is what you should start thinking and working on if you are looking to further enhance your sexual prowess. In case you aren’t ...


Male Sexual arousal: the four stages!

Opinions vary greatly when it comes to the topic of sexual arousal. One thing that can be agreed upon though is that arousal can be separated into four unique stages. The more familiar that you are with these stages, the better your understanding of th...


How to make sex last longer by controlling arousal

The more aware you are of your sexual limitations, the more you can build on them.  The purpose of arousal control is to prevent premature ejaculation. It won’t come to you instantly; you’ll have to work at it a little. Arousal control is suppo...


The Sensual Tantric Sex techniques!

No doubt, you’ve probably heard of Tantric sex, at least in passing. It is so potent and profound that after you’re introduced to it, you won’t want to do without it. Sensuality is all about taking your time and soaking in the feelings, exploring...


Get more Familiar with Your Arousal - The trick to delay male ejaculation

Now that we’ve covered the basic tenants of what it takes to become a sensual sex partner, let’s take a better look at arousal. The chief purpose for this next trick is to train your body to further define and recognize the arousal process within y...

Mature woman having problems in bed with husband

Focus on Her and Concentrate on ‘her pleasure’

Devoting yourself to your lady friend’s pleasure is an effective means of managing arousal.  It is quite enjoyable to just watch a woman go through the entire process of arousal. By simply watching her motions and what seems to be working or not you...


The Final Word on controlling your arousal

Sex isn’t just a physical thing; your perception also plays an important role.  Your emotional makeup and feelings can have a bearing on ‘when’ you ejaculate. Here are three ways in which your mental faculties play a role in your orgasm. 1. ...


How can a Meditating monk help you cure Premature Ejaculation ?

You wouldn’t think that meditation has anything to do with sex. The actual act of meditating doesn’t really have anything to do with sex, but it helps control the mind.  He who controls his mind, controls his ejaculation. You should regard the fol...


Breathing techniques to delay ejaculation

One of the key components of controlling arousal is breathing control / regulation. Breathing is a unique bodily function in that it can be controlled by the autonomous system (without your help), or directly by your conscious mind. If you practice you...


The ‘Nuts and Bolts’ of Longer Lasting Sex

Self-assurance – Self confidence is your door to ultimate freedom. It plays a role in your overall performance, and the way she sees you as a sexual being and man. The past is past, can’t change it; stand proud and look to the future. Premature eja...


The Calm erection - How to stay hard longer

We have previously covered the two different types of erections; the first being based on mental stimulation (erotic thoughts and cerebral stimulation), and the second being physical in nature (direct penis stimulation). The majority of guys become ...


Recognizing the ‘point of no return’

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of ‘the point of no return’ before. The point of no return is the feeling you get right before orgasm when you lose control, it usually lasts around 3-5 seconds. It is the last stop before orgasm occurs. Mastur...


Exercising the Perineal Muscles to help you cure premature ejaculation

The perineal muscles are chiefly responsible for postponing and executing ejaculation. In case you didn’t know, the perineum encapsulates the area just above the penis, past the anus and ends at around the tailbone area. The perineal floor consist...

Man Exercising with Dumbells

Relaxing the PC muscles to delay ejaculation

If you want to control your ejaculation reflex you must learn to keep your PM relaxed. This little detail could be responsible for bedroom success or failure. The body will stay in parasympathetic mode as long as this muscle is relaxed. Truth be told, ...


Masturbation Techniques to control and delay ejaculation - Stop, Go, Squeeze

The Stop and Go technique I want to tell you about a favorite masturbation method of mine (which is similar to the “stop and start” technique). The “stop and start” system is fruitless because it is usually implemented the wrong way, and if ...


Summing up the Perfect Premature Ejaculation Cure

Point # 1 - Most importantly, keep your body in parasympathetic mode for as long as possible.  You need to learn to control your arousal in order to stay in this relaxed state for any length of time. Remember, it’s not as if you’re actually contro...

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