How to have killer orgasms and enhance climax

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You can look at any culture of humans in history and you will find a profound interest in, and study of orgasm. Tantric sex specialists have been contriving ways to accelerate female response and delay male orgasm for at least up to 5k years ago, probably a lot longer than that in reality. It would seem that in most western cultures, the woman’s orgasm is the standard by which success in the bedroom is measured. A gentleman considers himself a first-class lover only if he “awards” his collaborator one or more orgasms each and every time they “do the deed”. In addition to the pleasure she receives, a woman may feel deeper confirmation of her sexuality in her orgasms.

Here’s the good news, researchers are now saying that orgasms are good for you. So, you can’t afford not to get down to it. Orgasm reinforces your cardio system, makes the skin shimmer, and makes the body more or less well-toned all over. There is evidence that orgasm can (and has) aided breast cancer survivors in recovering much more quickly. And as for insomnia, some therapists are recommending masturbation. Even pre-menstrual syndrome and all of its side effects is being alleviated with orgasm, according to a large number of women.

Immediately, you know that the psychological benefits of sex are there. Orgasm is centered on a part of the brain involved in processing emotions; afterward you feel very relaxed, and your sexual satisfaction level goes up, general sense of well being… To put it simply; orgasm is like a natural drug.

The Male Orgasm

When a human being experiences orgasm they undergo a sequence of contractions or all through the genital region happening at roughly .8 (tenths of a) second intervals. The difference between men and women is that for men it is going to happen, for a woman that’s not always the case. For guys, orgasm is more obvious. Many changes occur all over his body signaling the stage which is referred to as “the point of no return”, in which orgasm has become a certainty. Unlike women however, men must go through what is called a “refractory period” before they can orgasm again.

There are ‘sex experts’ now claiming that men can have multiple orgasms, but only if they’re able to somehow disconnect ejaculation from it. What these experts are trying to establish is that orgasm is psychological in nature, as well as physical. There are others, that do not think too much of the theory. One thing people seem to agree on is that a refractory period will definitely be needed after ejaculation. Refractory periods can last from anywhere between minutes to days, depending on the individual.

Male Orgasm Delaying Techniques

One of the most fielded sex questions from guys has got to be, “how can I last longer in the bedroom?” This is a very common complaint with a lot of men; finishing up before their partner does. Occasionally, a man will have problems with ‘premature ejaculation’, now an entirely treatable condition. There is also a condition called retarded ejaculation, in which ejaculation occurs without provocation or not at all.

Hypnosis is being used to teat (and enhance) orgasms -
- Orgasm strength amplification.
- Enjoy sex more, find it more gratifying.
- Reduce your ‘mental baggage’ that may be causing ‘hang-ups’ to occur.
- Enable you to achieve multiple orgasms
- Get a lot more out of your personal sex life.

Climax Enhancement pills

In order for man to reach climax, many different systems need to work together to make it happen. If you are looking for a supplement to take, remember that it should really improve the overall function and well-being of the entire reproductive system.

Orgasm enhancing supplements can help you increase the quality and volume of your semen. So, that’s super fertility along with enhanced sensation. As said before, if you are looking for a supplement to take, it should really improve the overall function of the reproductive system. Make sure the product is backed by medical community.

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