Male Sexual arousal: the four stages!

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Opinions vary greatly when it comes to the topic of sexual arousal. One thing that can be agreed upon though is that arousal can be separated into four unique stages. The more familiar that you are with these stages, the better your understanding of the inner workings of the sexual mind.

Stage 1 – principal stimulation can be mental, physical or a combination of both; once it is triggered, changes start to occur within the body (mostly in the groin, but also in the circulatory and respiratory systems).

Stage 2 – The higher arousal climbs, the more full and rigid the erection becomes. At this point, you should have a hefty erection and still feel relatively calm. Scrotum will loosen up and pulse will quicken slightly. During this stage of arousal, your parasympathetic system plays a more central role than the sympathetic does.

Stage 3 – Arousal levels markedly increase, and a psychological shift takes place. Pleasant sensations will take hold all over the genital and erogenous zones. The penis becomes fuller and more sensitive. The testes will move toward and cling to the body. Pulse and breathing become even more intense. You will start to feel that orgasm is imminent. The sympathetic nervous system gains control from the parasympathetic.

Stage 4 – Energy levels will continue to increase, creating a feeling of intense sexual desire and frustration, which will further coerce your nervous system into getting ready for ejaculation. When orgasm occurs the PC muscles will contract. Afterwards, arousal levels dissipate and erection subsides.

Most men are unaware that their arousal levels can even be controlled. But as they age, they will develop a more mature sexual routine and control. In this case, “you CAN teach an old dog new tricks”.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that there are time constraints when it comes to sexual arousal. It’s really up to you, you can last anywhere from minutes to hours depending on your will to control yourself. If left untrained your body will resort to its old tricks however.

You can even reach stage 3 without the help of any physical stimulation at all; and is one of the primary reasons that premature ejaculation occurs.

For example, if you view an erotic video for 1 hour, without manually stimulating yourself; by the end of the video you will be extremely aroused. Actually, if you were really getting into the action, you may have achieved extreme arousal after only 15 minutes.

If you lack control, you will surely find yourself at the third stage of arousal in a very short amount of time. In effect, if you begin immediate masturbation at arousal level # 3, you will most likely orgasm almost immediately; hence the need for arousal control. This can be a difficult proposition for most people, even at the level of foreplay. Your goal is to maintain a medium range arousal level.

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