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Most people don’t like their body completely. When it comes to the body, you are your harshest critic. Learning to love the body you’re in means letting go and accepting the true nature of your body design.

If you are ever going to love your body for what it is, you need to let go of all the unrealistic images. If you are comparing yourself to models and Hollywood stars, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Those people don’t always look that way.

It takes a team of make-up artists, photographers, designers and hair stylist to make them look that way. In some cases, digital retouching is also involved. Check out the tabloid pictures of famous people without their glitz and you will be surprised by the look nature actually gave them.

If you are truly unhappy with your appearance, doing something positive for yourself can help. If the pounds are the problem, start exercising and eating better. Learning to dress your body correctly can do wonders. Some people simply don’t know how emphasize their positives while minimizing the negatives.

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————————– Editor’s Note————————————

Sometimes the best way to like your body is to get naked with yourself. Invest fifteen minutes exploring the glory of your naked body from all angles in front of a mirror. Try standing, sitting or kneeling positions in order to get a different perspective. Drag in a chair if you need to. You are not allowed to critic anything; this is about finding the positives.

Touch your body and marvel at all the nuances of it. If you have scars or stretch marks, remember the stories behind them and how your body came through for you. Repeat this exercise a few days later and keep at it until you start to enjoy your own skin. It may take a several similar sessions before you start to appreciate your body as is.

Guys need to embrace the penis, metaphorically speaking. The average penis size ranges between three to four inches when flaccid. Even when the little soldier is at full attention, the penis length is still between five to seven inches long.

Most men tend to believe that other men have predominately larger packages. A lot has to do with a skewed perspective. The penis naturally looks smaller when you are looking down at it. The penis just looks better when viewed with the help of a full frontal mirror. This will give you the most accurate look of your buddy.

If you still feel that you penis is not quality length, the real issue may be north of the penis. Sometimes a stomach that is caring some extra weight can actually hide a respectable sized penis. Exercising more will improve the look of both heads.

Both men and women deal with body issues. There are some things that you can possibly change, but you should learn to love the body you have. Nature and life made your body the way it is. Mother Nature knew what she was doing and it isn’t nice to mess with Mother Nature.

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