Improving sex with hormones & Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Hormones are not only responsible for sexual outlook; they are also involved in the function of our bodies and development. As an embryo, (regardless of gender) we are all exposed to estrogen through our mother’s blood.. As to be expected, if the baby is going to be female, the estrogen present will aid in developing female sex organs. And the same thing can be said for males, although it’s a different process. Both sexes’ hormones are present in developing babies, but the predominance of one will usually account for the further development into one specific gender. Interestingly enough, testosterone is still responsible for drive and libido, even in women.

Males do not have to deal with the far reaching hormonal changes that women have to go through in life. There is of course a measurable decrease in overall production among men, but most will remain fertile for the entire length of their lives. For women, hormonal changes are more sudden and intense. During menopause, women’s hormone levels will drastically change without a moment’s notice.

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———————————EDITOR’S NOTE———————————————

Some conditions such as osteoporosis have been linked to lack of hormone production in women. And according to current research being conducted, there may be an increased risk for heart disease for post menopausal women. There is much debate about whether or not women should take estrogen supplements (HRT).  The pros may be increased protection for the bones and cardiovascular system; cons are higher risk of cancer. Ultimately however, it is up to each individual woman to make up her mind about HRT

For men or women with libido problems, the current treatment is testosterone therapy. Once testosterone levels drop below a certain point, sexual attentiveness does as well. For men, testosterone therapy will generally improve their sexual functions in almost every way. When women take testosterone, it is in much smaller dosages, and the effects are markedly increased libido. Testosterone will only help a woman with her actual desire to perform sex; estrogen must be used to treat her sexual functions.

HRT may be the answer to your problems, get with a doctor and find out more information.  Most of the time, a lack of desire for sex stems from a deficiency of hormone production; your doctor can easily confirm this with a simple blood test.  There is also the possibility that you won’t respond to HRT; a small percentage of men do not respond to HRT treatment.  Non-responsive individuals include smokers, the overweight, and other causes. Make sure you have a nice long chat with your physician, they will know what the best course of action is.

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