Kegels exercises – Improve your sexual function with Kegels

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Dr. Arnold Kegel developed kegel exercises in the 1950s as a way to strengthen the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle for post-childbirth women.  There were unexpected consequences however; many women began reporting increased sensitivity in their vaginal area as a result of the exercises. The good doctor had unwittingly discovered a connection between the PC muscle and better sex. Strengthening your PC muscles will lead to much stronger orgasms and generally, much better sex.  In the same way that women can benefit from performing kegels, men can as well.  For men, this also includes more powerful orgasms and the ability to lengthen their love making sessions by a substantial amount.

An introduction to Kegels

The easiest way to find your PC muscle is to practice cutting off the flow of urine; the muscle that is responsible for impeding the flow of urine is the PC muscle.

You should start slowly. Try contracting your PC muscle up to 20 times at around 1 contraction a second. Don’t clench your butt cheek muscles; this is strictly relegated to the genital region. You don’t have to force release of the muscle, simply relax it between clenches. You should start off with just a couple of kegel sessions per day, and increase the number of contractions you do per session each time.

Try out a longer contraction. Start by clenching your PC muscle for around 3 to 5 seconds; don’t forget to relax between clenches. We’re working on trying to increase our clenching time to 10 seconds. As before, start with a low number of contractions and increase the number over time. Next we’re going to try “pushing out”.  After letting a contraction subside, gently push or pull on your PC muscle, as if you were trying to excrete it. Remember to be gentle, don’t hurt yourself.

Once you have done all of this, you should create your own exercises using a combination of the techniques above. Your PC muscle will be in great shape in as little as 2 months if you keep doing your kegels. PC maintenance is pretty easy, and just requires 150 reps a couple of times per week thereafter.

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