How to use Relaxation and Meditation to beat Erectile Dysfunction

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Men who suffer problems of Erectile Dysfunction know that there are many ways to overcome or, at least, alleviate the difficulty they face, including the use of powerful prescription medications and, when necessary, surgery. Both options have proven successful countless times.

But, there is another option available to men. Like the others already mentioned, it can really help. And yet, few men ever opt to try this option. It involves the use of relaxation and meditation to create peace of mind in the afflicted male because it can lead directly to physical or mental healing … and the ability to enjoy intimate physical contact once again.

This kind of therapy dates back hundreds, perhaps, thousands, of years. And there is currently modern scientific evidence to prove that it works. In fact, some respected medical professionals have stated that relaxation and meditation can have a very powerful effect on the human body in that they can help an individual successfully cope with stress-related problems, including migraine headaches, peptic ulcers and anxiety.

The elimination of anxiety, of course, leads directly to mental relaxation and that can help a male overcome Erectile Dysfunction … almost immediately.

Relaxation and meditation techniques can help males overcome many other illnesses, ailments and poor habits, as well, all of which inhibit healthy sexual intercourse. The truth is that research has shown that relaxation and meditation can boost one’s immunity system … override or even totally eliminate anger … curb harmful smoking habits … relieve debilitating insomnia, back pain, high blood pressure, motion sickness and irritable bowel syndrome… even reverse and/or ease female menopause and male impotence.

Want more? The proper application of relaxation and meditation techniques can also help you control diseases, such as diabetes, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, panic attacks, phobias and depressions. Obviously, these techniques are powerful. And you don’t have to be a medical professional yourself to understand that many of the problems they cure can help you regain your sexual vigor and the ability to enjoy intimate contact with your partner.

And even if relaxation and meditation techniques did not help you overcome Erectile Dysfunction (they absolutely do, of course), medical professionals have frequently stated that excessive amounts of stress can adversely affect just about every part of the human body. The message is clear: stress is harmful. Chronic stress, for example, elevates your blood pressure … your total blood cholesterol count … your blood platelets count, too – all of which can lead to hardening of the arteries and the dramatically elevated risk of a heart attack.

Incredibly, current statistics show that one in every eight people seen by a primary care physician suffers from stress-related symptoms. The problem is real … and it may be affecting you.

Relaxation and meditation can help you overcome lots of mental and physical health problems, including Erectile Dysfunction or impotence. That’s a fact. In realty, the techniques, when done properly, trigger your relaxation response and provide you with something like a “mental rest stop” … an opportunity to ease any feelings you may have that are stress-and-anxiety-related.

The result: you reduce muscle tension, lower your heart rate and blood pressure, your metabolism and breathing, as well, and you become more tranquil. You actually grow healthier, more fit … and much better able to perform sexually.

In fact, the relaxation response effectively blunts – or inhibits, even stops – the release of adrenaline, catecholamines and other harmful, stress-related hormones that work against your good health and lead to anxiety and the problems related to it, such as elevated blood cholesterol levels.

The ability to engage in deep relaxation is directly related to healing because it enables your body to release growth hormones that work to repair and restore damaged tissue that may be adversely affecting your good health.

Here are five relaxation enhancers that can start helping you now.

There is absolutely no doubt that relaxation and meditation techniques can work wonders for you – physically and mentally. The five “enhancers” that follow, all of which appear in “New Choices in Natural Healing” by Doug Dollemere, can go a long way toward helping you improve your sense of inner peace and balance … and, of course, your health and well-being. Here they are …

(1) Eliminate Cigarettes and Cigars. Obviously, smoking – and inhaling – tars and nicotine can be harmful to your health … can even cause heart disease and lung cancer. But, they also lead to the activation of stress hormones in your body. So … eliminate smoking … increase the possibility that you will live your life in a much more relaxed state.

(2) Moderate The Use of Caffeine. It’s no secret that caffeine can trigger a response known as “fight-or-flight” … and that can lead directly to stress. The solution is obvious. Cut down on or completely avoid foods that contain caffeine – coffee … tea … cola … chocolate … and more. When you do that, you effectively eliminate a stimulant and reduce the chances that you will fall victim to stress and stress-related problems.

(3) Knock Out the Carbohydrates. You don’t have to eliminate them completely, but it’s a good idea to reduce the amount of carbohydrates that you regularly ingest. Instead, concentrate more on eating whole grains … vegetables … fruits … and similar foods that are loaded with healthful complex carbohydrates. Foods such as spaghetti, baked beans and apples help trigger the release of hormones in your body that will help you relax and eliminate stress.

(4) Work Up a Good Sweat. That means it is a good idea to exercise regularly. Moving your body and “working up a sweat” are integral parts of a good relaxation program. As anyone who has ever exercised already knows, it can help to lower anxiety … fight off bouts of depression … and, perhaps most importantly, improve self-esteem. Of course, you may not be ready for heavy exercise so you can start by walking vigorously each day for 5 to ten minutes.

(5) Laugh Every Day. Laughter makes you feel good and can relieve stress. Scientific studies have shown that a chemical produced in the human body, called an endorphin, produces a feeling of euphoria. Interestingly, laughter triggers the release of this hormone. So … laugh and you will feel good. Another benefit: laughter also suppresses the production of a hormone called cortisol which your body releases when you feel stress or anxiety. This hormone also raises your blood pressure. That’s why you need to keep laughing every day. It will enable you to stay healthy.

Clearly relaxation and meditation can help your body produce the hormones that heal while suppressing the hormones that harm. For a healthier, happier life – one filled with sexual vigor – incorporate relaxation and meditation techniques into your daily routine starting today.

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