Aphrodisiacs and Sex Foods that increase libido

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For almost as long as people have been having sex, they have also been looking for a way to make it better. The use of aphrodisiacs to make sex better has been around for a long time. There are many varieties of aphrodisiacs but none are actually successful.

An aphrodisiac is any substance that is used to enhance the whole sexual encounter. Some cultures believe strongly in the use of beverages, foods or natural ingredients for increasing the sexual experience. Oysters, ginseng, asparagus, pomegranates and figs have been used for centuries to put both men and women in the mood. Even the phallic shape of the French baguette was made to inspire prowess in the bedroom.

These ingredients are harmless enough, but there are other substances that can be more problematic. Powdered rhino horn, cocaine and alcohol have been utilized to up the mood factor. The root of mandrake is a member of the deadly nightshade family and is poisonous. Spanish Fly is a powder made from a beetle and can make a person so ill that they can die or at least wish they were.

Recently, a large group of people have been using a product called Natural Sex. Both health food stores and adult toy stores have made a killing selling Vogorex Forte capsules in the past. Pills made from the bark of the African yohimbe tree even made a dent in the market.

Despite the large selection of aphrodisiacs available, none of then have any scientific significance. Most users report an initial increase in libido but find that it wanes over time. Most researchers attribute this to the placebo effect; if a person believes in its power strong enough they will feel a difference.

Sex Foods

Most men would love to find an aphrodisiac that really works on their female partner. Science is working on it but they aren’t there yet. Although there aren’t any sure-fire aphrodisiacs, there are some foods that can naturally boost the sexual pleasure up a notch.

When planning your sexual banquet, be sure to include watermelon. This sweet, juicy fruit naturally contains the chemical citulline. This chemical triggers enzymes that cause blood flow to increase to genital regions. It works just like the drug Cialis.

Fish and seafood are also great sex booster foods. They contain both protein and omega-3 fatty acids which naturally boost circulation. Fare from the sea also includes zinc and plenty of testosterone enhancers.

The Kama Sutra boasts of the benefits of the Asian staple ginger. This root is believed to get the heart pumping and the blood flowing, especially to the targeted happy zones. Ginger is considered one of the best arousal stimulants around.

Avocados should also have a place in the picnic basket. They have an abundance of fiber, folate and glutathione. They also have plenty of vitamin B6, C and E to go around. The ancient Aztecs used avocados to boost their sexual warrior prowess.

Rosemary is a popular and fragrant herb used in cooking. It can be used in a multitude of dishes. The same olfactory compounds that give off that rich aroma will also make both of your skins more sensitive to physical contact.

Chilies can add more than a kick to the taste buds. Whether you try jalapenos or habaneras, chilies contain heart pumping compounds. They can increase the heart rate as well as enhance the pleasure receptors. This can make every touch more intense and pleasurable.

The previous list of ingredients contains some stellar benefits that can work to your advantage. Sure, you can bust out the oysters, the chocolates and the Champaign if you want. Sometimes the most unexpected meal can lead to the most unexpected and pleasurable encounters.

Sexual Booster medicines

Self-medication is a slippery slope that can be dangerous even with natural ingredients. People who are serious about sex enhancement should really consult with a medical professional. There are many hormone treatments that can actually help.

Many women go through hormone-replacement to help counter the symptoms of menopause. A large portion of these women also report a return of that old feeling. Both men and women who receive small doses of testosterone enjoy a return of the sex drive of years past.

Just because past aphrodisiacs don’t really work doesn’t mean science has given up completely. There is a lot of research being done that focus on the pleasure points in the brain. Researchers are hoping to use these to develop an aphrodisiac that can actually stimulate the mojo.

A medical team at Tulane University recently implanted a device into the brain of an epileptic woman. This experimental device and procedure was intended to release a dose of actetylcholine directly to the septal area in order to control seizures. The unexpected side effect was that the woman had sky-rocket-in-flight multiple orgasms that lasted for about thirty minutes.

A true and effective aphrodisiac doesn’t exist but science is certainly working on it. Thus far, there is no better sexual enhancement than health, exercise and the deep connection of love. If a person really wants to enhance their sexual enjoyment, they are better off avoiding the aphrodisiacs aisle and spending the money to purchase a couple’s massage.

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