Good sex pleases women – Surprising Health Benefits of Sex

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In the animal kingdom, humans got the shaft on a lot of things. They don’t have any cool defensive weapons. They don’t even have fur or skin that protects them from the elements. Mother Nature seems to believe in fair play, though. Humans may not be able to take down a full grown antelope with their teeth, but they make up for it in sexual benefits.

While any animal can have sex, none seem to get the same level of pleasure and satisfaction that people do. Even plants have a form of sex, but no one is filming that for private sale. When it comes to sex, animals and plants do it for continuation of the species. Humans get to do it because its fun.

Sex does have other benefits besides being something great to do. There are several studies that have show the health benefits of sex. Sex can burn calories, boost the immune system and reduce stress levels.

The average sex act can burn about 85 calories when done over a thirty minute time period. These studies don’t define what an average sex act is considered. It probably falls somewhere between “wild monkey sex on Discovery Channel” and “honey, please try not to snore until I’m done”.

Burning 85 calories may not seem like a big number. Like most things in life, little things can add up. In order to lose a pound, the body needs to burn about 3500 calories. That is equivalent to about 42 half-hour sessions of sex. Now there’s a fun way to lose those pesky five pounds that seem to stick around.

An orgasm is the ultimate munchies buster too. Quality sex releases phenetylamine which naturally suppresses hunger pains. So, if the sex is good it can actually be better than chocolate. Though, the sex had better be really good to be better than chocolate in a woman’s opinion.

Sex can also boost the immune system which in turn can fight off any number of viruses that are floating about. A study conducted by Wilkes University in Pennsylvania studied the levels of immunoglobulin A in 112 students. The students were broken into groups based on their sexual activity levels.

Students who were having sex once or twice a week had higher IgA levels than the other groups. Students in the study who were not having sex, or having it infrequently, had low levels of IgA. Students who were having sex three or more times per week also had lower IgA levels. Sex is great for the immune system but, like Mom said, too much of a good thing is bad for you.

Stress can be killer sometimes, but excellent sex can kill the effects of stress. A study conducted in Scotland, followed 24 women and 22 men. Those who were keeping sexual active responded better when put into stressful situations. Their blood pressure returned to normal rates faster than their friends who were busy watching television.

Sleep can help reduce stress, and nothing induces sleep in men quite like a good old fashion orgasm. Endorphins are released about the same time as all that sexual energy. With men, it is like a natural tranquilizer that has them snoring in no time. While it can be calming to women, some women get a sudden boost of energy making it easy to tackle any number of tasks; especially a second round of sex.

Sex also leaves both men and women with an overall good feeling. Frequent sex makes humans feel loved, appreciated and even confident. Sex and self-esteem can have a close connection. It can be healthy as long as self-esteem does not rely completely on sexual interaction.

Sex and orgasms increase the levels of oxytocin in the body. This little hormone can really help couples feel trust, a connection and a bond. Guys should take the time to cuddle with their partner when the oxytocin is flowing. Not only is it healthy for them, it is a good way to ensure that sex will happen with your partner again.

Mother Nature may have given lions that great mane of hair, but humans get all the side benefits of sex. Sex is good for the body and mind; great sex is even better. Couples should really explore all the ways to improve their sex lives. It’d be a shame to let all those healthy side effects go to waste.

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