Get more Familiar with Your Arousal – The trick to delay male ejaculation

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Now that we’ve covered the basic tenants of what it takes to become a sensual sex partner, let’s take a better look at arousal. The chief purpose for this next trick is to train your body to further define and recognize the arousal process within yourself.

The scope of your arousal will widen out once you become more intimately familiar with its parts and processes. And by doing so you’ll have a much better idea of what you’re doing right, and what you’re doing wrong. First off, you have to keep yourself in parasympathetic mode for this to truly be effective. And in truth, all parasympathetic underpinnings require focus and relaxation. Becoming a more parasympathetic creature is essential to the process of arousal modification and control.

Create a simple scale for your arousal level, from 1 to 10 for example. Your ultimate objective is to be able to go up and down the scale without actually going to the point of orgasm. The following bits will show you how to bring your levels down when they are in danger of pushing you “over the edge”, so to speak.

Try to imagine a 1 on the scale as a partial erection in a state of calm, and a 10 as an ejaculatory orgasm.  Using a scale-based system like this will really enable you to better evaluate your performance. The more in-tune you are with your body and its processes, the more ability you will have in controlling your sexual functions.

Begin paying attention to your arousal level during masturbation or sex, and become more mindful of your place on the scale at any given time.  Remember the things that cause level jumps on the arousal scale. Are there certain things that tickle your fancy in such a way as to greatly increase arousal? Is there simply too much physical stimulation occurring? Are you losing your ability to remain calm?

Place your most intense thoughts on the back burner, so to speak.  Be mindful of your thoughts. Don’t let your mind completely control your body. By letting your mind run wild, you are cementing your place in the world as a sexual appetizer. Maximize your feelings of calming euphoria and relaxation and learn to master them. Pick a time to ejaculate once all other sexual obligations and plans have been met.

There are only 2 reasons for your sexual shortcomings in this department. You are either to physically sensate or you are simply dwelling on erotic thoughts and imagery to much. Direct your concentration towards other things, and away from your arousal level.  If your body is too sensitive, try to minimize your physical movements.  If you find that you are too sensitive physically, back off and put your focus elsewhere.  Remember, your goal is to delay your orgasm for as long as possible.  By identifying your ‘triggers’ and avoiding / manipulating them you will be able to last as long as you want in the bedroom.

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