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Hello, you can find out which male enhancement products we recommend or you may read our reviews on vigrx, viagra and cialis or read our comprehensive articles on premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Penis size is a bone of contention for many men. They often desire a more potent and bigger package. In an answer to this desire there are many manufactures that put out products that are as unhelpful as their claims.

Pills are probably the most common product on the market. No matter the brand name, they all work within the same idea. They increase the blood flow to the penis which will result in a large piece of man flesh.

There is no scientific evidence that supports this claim. Even if the herb blends in these pills can increase blood flow, it is certainly not enough to enlarge the penis. Many of these companies offer free samples on their websites. This should be the first hint that these products are suspect.

Penis enlargement creams are also available for purchase. They are based on the same principle of the pills only in a topical form. Patches fit in with the creams as well. The patches are designed to deliver the active ingredients through the skin too.

The concentrations of the patches are higher. Patches also have some of the strangest ingredient combinations that one person can imagine. Despite the exotic ingredients and high concentrations, they won’t make a difference. Pill, patches and creams only work to empty the bank account.

Some men consider surgery when it comes to penis enhancement. This is a really controversial method. It is really expensive so the average person can’t afford this route. The dangers of the surgery are also high; some side-effects include scarring, impotence and loss of feeling in the penis.

Some surgeries use fat or silicon to increase the penis size by injecting them into the target area. There is one itty bitty problem with this. First of all, fat is fat to the body. It will reabsorb the fat if necessary. Second, silicon is not a natural substance and it has a tendency to migrate into other parts of the body.

Some men choose implants to help with their sex organ look. Most men are fairly protective about their mushroom-headed friend. So what lunatic thought it was great idea to shove a device into the penis just for the purpose of erections on demand? Some of the penis needs to be removed in order to make room for the implant, so men are stuck with the decision once made.

Moving onto a less uncomfortable topic, how about the penis pump? It made a great gag in the first Austin Powers. The sad reality is that some men actually invest money in this product.

Pumps work by manually drawing the blood into the penis with a powerful suction.
The suction can be so powerful that sometimes it can actually cause damage. The pressure can tear the penis tissues which can lead to the formation of blood clots.

If the penis pump doesn’t cause a problem, the user’s own mistakes might. Some men have applied the pump incorrectly causing the testicles to get sucked into the unit. It might sound like a great YouTube video, but to the man who experiences it is in for a world of unexplainable pain.

When all other enhancement products fail, some men resort to pills like Viagra or Cialis. These pills don’t actually increase the size of the penis. They do improve life because they allow men to have sex when it wasn’t happening.

Viagra produced a big brouhaha when it hit the market in 1998. Since then, the number of users has surpassed the millions. Other companies joined the market potential by producing their own varieties and brands.

Some of the herbal varieties contain ingredients that are considered to be natural aphrodisiacs. For centuries Chinese culture has used ginseng and yohimbe to boost libido and erection performance. There are many patches and creams that also include these ingredients.

If the flood of enhancement products that don’t actually work wasn’t bad enough, there are free trial scams that are also floating about. Most of these trials are far from free. These companies usually require credit card information from customers before they send out the samples.

After this, customers find it hard to cancel their involvement with the company. Companies continue to charge the card despite the customer’s efforts to get out of the deal. This is an illegal practice but many men still get caught in the scam.

In 2006, the owner of the Berkeley Nutraceuticals company, Steven Warshak, faced numerous charges of fraud.  The federal counts numbered one hundred and twelve. They included charges of conspiracy, money laundering, mail, wire and bank fraud.

Warshak’s family was also indicted in the suit. The charges accounted for $100 million of the company’s $250 million dollar profit share. Thus far, this was the biggest scam in the male enhancement industry.

Penis enhancement is big business and men should proceed with caution. Most products are at best a hoax and at worse a dangerous rip off. Men should look carefully into all the claims and fine print of any male enhancement product.

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