Focus on Her and Concentrate on ‘her pleasure’

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Devoting yourself to your lady friend’s pleasure is an effective means of managing arousal.  It is quite enjoyable to just watch a woman go through the entire process of arousal. By simply watching her motions and what seems to be working or not you can become more dangerous in the bedroom. And of course, by shifting the love making focus on her you are prolonging your own climax.  By focusing centrally on her, you should be able to keep your arousal level down; since you are not being stimulated directly. You know your own orgasm is somewhere on the horizon, but bring her there first. If you’re not trying to satisfy your woman what are you really doing?  Chances are, she’ll be more than happy for your efforts.

Most men spend almost no time concentrating on their woman’s pleasure; they seem to focus solely on their own over sexed fantasies. By simply showing her you care about her pleasure, you will make her happy and last a lot longer in bed as well.

When servicing her, don’t let your erotic thoughts or feelings run too wild. You mustn’t lose your focus; try to remain as impartial as possible. The sight of her body alone should be enough to push you over the edge of arousal, so watch out. Just try to keep a constant monitor going the whole time to keep your self in check. Use this method in conjunction with your sensuality ritual(s). Keep your body in parasympathetic mode for as long as possible.

Thinking / Perception

Without becoming too involved or ‘in the moment’, start your love making sessions by tying to view yourself in the way a third party might. A simple change in perspective can make all the difference in the world.

Perception is not the same thing as acknowledgment; knowing something is there is much different than letting something steal your focus. If you see a squad of emergency vehicles screeching past, you might simply think, “There’s an emergency”. But once you take it to the point of, “wonder what’s going on”, you’ve let it shift your focus.  Too put it simply; process things, but don’t let them have any bearing on your goal at hand.  Over-thinking something in sexual situations tends to cause people to begin to associate non-sexual things as sexual.   Your nervous system is much more sensitive than you may be aware; ejaculation can be triggered with the proper psychological stimulation.

Wait until your lady is pretty well satisfied before you begin to invest too much of yourself into the session. If you time things right, you might even be able to achieve a simultaneous climax.  Rapidly rising arousal levels will end love making sessions early every single time. The point is, most men are simply too aroused even before actual penetration even occurs.

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