The Final Word on controlling your arousal

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Sex isn’t just a physical thing; your perception also plays an important role.  Your emotional makeup and feelings can have a bearing on ‘when’ you ejaculate. Here are three ways in which your mental faculties play a role in your orgasm.

1.  Highly charged erotic thoughts. Your arousal level goes all the way up, and your body prepares itself for ejaculation.

2.  Your thinking plays a role in releasing certain hormones that influence the ejaculation procedure.

3.  No confidence, performance anxiety.  Feeling like a failure before you even begin is another way your body and mind might interfere with one another

Perceiving sex as a highly unique thing

If you want to lose control of your arousal, let yourself think of sex as something dirty and rare.  Your attitude about sex plays a big role in your focus on it. Most guys have this feeling about sex, like is something rare and special. Surprises and gifts have a tendency to cause excitement, which will invariably release hormones into your blood stream that will further push you towards ejaculation. High levels of dopamine and testosterone, (both of which are hormones that help cause premature ejaculation) will cause arousal to spin out of control. Just try not to make a big deal about sex; treat it as you would any other activity. Make sex just another thing you do, like taking a shower. There are some breathing techniques that will prove useful for just this type of situation.

Performance Anxiety

Your nerves can ruin an otherwise great experience if they are out of control. There are several ways that performance anxiety can lead to premature ejaculation. Don’t jinx yourself.  If you go into your sexual activity with the belief that you will fail, you are likely to not perform as well. You are in control of your own reality. Try to remember, you create your own reality, it is simply made up of all the things you think, feel and believe in; don’t let your inner demons ruin your sex life.

If you have a negative sexual attitude about yourself, it may become a self fulfilling prophecy. So try to go into every sexual situation clear, calm and confident.

Forget about all of your past failures and concentrate on the ‘now’.  If you’re still having trouble making it happen just remember; in almost no time at all, it’ll be over and forgotten by you and all parties involved.  Don’t let a little sexual problem ruin your life, live a little, be free to make mistakes. Give it your best and learn from your mistakes. Your fear will control you if you don’t learn to control it; have fun, become your own biggest fan. IF you’re with a partner who constantly tries to bring you down or insult you; move on, it’s probably not your fault anyway. No one needs their own personal critic around telling them all their faults.

What are the physical manifestations of anxiety?

Anxiety is responsible for greatly affecting your nervous system; it actually causes physical changes to occur, like in the circulatory and respiratory systems. So when you become nervous or fearful your body will go into the same mode that it does whenever ejaculation is imminent.  Seratonin levels are also affected by anxiety, (Seratonin is the chemical responsible for making you happy).

According to current research, higher Seratonin levels can actually prevent ejaculation. Essentially, this means that it can keep your ejaculatory muscles in a relaxed state for a longer period of time, allowing you to get more stimulation.  It helps keep your body in its parasympathetic mode for a longer period of time. Big drug companies have been doing research for a while on the link between Seratonin and ejaculation. They want to create a pill that can combat premature ejaculation with a synthetic type of Seratonin.  Could have a negative impact on your body however


As stated before, Seratonin inhibits ejaculation through its calming effects. Unlike the excitable feelings you get from dopamine however, Seratonin produces more calming sensations. It works hand in hand with the parasympathetic nervous system and keeps the entire body relaxed for a longer period of time.

If you want Seratonin to be a part of your sexual experiences you’ll need to be as relaxed as possible. Try to connect on an emotional level and remain sure of yourself. Remember, your attitude and demeanor will determine how much Seratonin gets released into your bloodstream.

If you’re still having trouble, find a sexual supplement to take at least 30 -40 minutes before ‘sexy time’.

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