How to give an erotic massage and increase sensuality

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You can start the massage with the receiver laying face down; apply a little scented oil to your hands and begin rubbing down their back side. Now let’s look a little deeper into the actual techniques involved.

Start off with some skimming; allow your hands to go ‘free range’ all over their body in large caresses. Try to develop a more circular technique when giving massages (good for everything from your butt to your back and chest).

Kneading the dough. A gentler approach to massage, wherein you don’t apply as much pressure. This technique is very good for relieving tension; there is a spot at the base of the neck that can be very arousing is stimulated correctly.

Spider fingers. Let your fingers run all over your partner’s body, the idea is to just make contact with the skin (without pressure).

You can use your whole body when massaging someone; so get creative with it, and have fun. Move on to the butt cheeks if you wish; knead them like old sourdough. Your partner might want you to continue, if so; drift from the anus towards the perineum and then get them to flip over.

You can then begin to start the frontal massage, perhaps with one of the techniques mentioned earlier. Move on to the breasts and lightly massage and squeeze the nipples. You can develop your own rhythm between the breast rubbing and nipple squeezing.

Now you should begin alternating between a little genital stimulation and breast stimulation, but in a very slow manner. In a seductive manner, move between your partners legs working your way in from the thighs. You can simultaneously work on the genitals and some other area if you so desire. If your receiver wants to take it further, then do so.

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