Understanding Erections and Male ejaculation – How it really works?

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If you want to delay male ejaculation, you’ll have to understand erection. Erection can be initiated in two different ways. Receiving stimulation from these 2 different methods in the correct manner will lead to great things; wrong usage usually leads to Premature Ejaculation. One type of erection is based purely on physical contact and stimulation. It is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, the physical stimuli produces increased blood flow and arterial dilation, which will result in an erection.

Number two is an erection that occurs as a result of mental stimulation in the cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex is the biggest part of the brain and accounts for 2/3 of its size. The cerebral cortex is critical to human life; it is in charge of thinking, perceiving, accepting, distinguishing, and calculating, among other things. And it’s basically the body’s control center, the area responsible for doling out orders so to speak. For example, if you encounter a situation that warrants combat, your system will trigger its fight or flight response system. It would also take over in the event that you experienced extreme guilt or sadness. In the same way that the cerebral cortex can prepare your body for danger, it can also prepare it for sex. Erotic thoughts will manifest themselves physically from directions given by the cortex.

Note: psychological stimulation isn’t just relegated to erotic thoughts.

If you get erotic sensations from non sexual types of physical stimulation, you are engaging in active psychological stimulation.

To recap; there are two chief methods of erotic stimulation: physical and mental. It would seem that most guys don’t even take the time to separate the two.

In fact, most males will use a combination of both mental and physical to jump start their masturbation.

These practices aren’t just limited to personal gratification though; they are frequently used during sex with a partner. The one little tiny difference is simply that you are getting your stimulation from another person. If you are trying to tame your PE, you should take note of your arousal levels (mental and physical). Guys suffering from PE are known to be getting too much mental stimulation, too fast.

A purely physical erection (with complete lack of mental arousal) is a very rare thing, and very difficult to facilitate. So it’s only natural that most guys would use their mental powers to speed things along. You can produce and maintain very rigid erections without constant and increasing mental stimulation.
There are also a lot of guys that try to use their PC muscles to direct more blood into their genital region in order to maintain their erection. This is helpful in some cases, but the best way to maintain an erection is through non-constant maintenance; you should be able to simply relax without losing any of your ‘staying power’.

Male ejaculation

Ejaculation consists of 2 phases; the emission phase and the ejaculatory phase.

Emission phase – Mental stimulation is triggered by the sympathetic nervous system. The beginning of this phase is commonly referred to as the ‘point of no return’ (when you know there’s no going back). Then the sperm moves from the testicles through the ejaculatory ducts, mixes with fluids from the prostate to form semen. The semen is then transferred from the prostate to the urethra bulb, where it starts to build up.

Ejaculatory Phase – Once a fair amount of semen has been deposited in the bulb, it is released out into the urethra and shoots out of the penis courtesy of contractions from the perineal muscles. These are also the same muscular contractions responsible for the sensations of orgasm. The ejaculation process is directed from the pudenda nerve (of the lower spine and perineum), so it is a physical process.

Becoming familiar with this knowledge is crucial to better understanding your body. Your body relies on your nervous system for sexual function and motivation; with this knowledge, you’ll probably find it much easier to control your erections. Next – How ejaculation relates to the nervous system ?

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