How to tell if you are suffering from ED or impotence?

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The sex drive of adult males – the libido – often diminishes when Erectile Dysfunction takes hold. And while this is true for most men, it is also a fact that, in some cases, affected males are able to maintain a forceful and healthy libido.

But, and this is an important point, changes in libido become irrelevant for men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction because they find it difficult, often impossible, to engage in satisfying and fulfilling sexual intercourse. And to the men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, and their partners, that is what matters.
The inability to perform may manifest itself in a number of ways: the penis may lack the necessary hardness or stiffness … it may not grow sufficiently long or become elevated enough to allow for penetration … or, what may be the most frustrating result of the Erectile Dysfunction – the erection may not be sustainable.

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———————————EDITOR’S NOTE———————————————

And that makes sexual intercourse a nightmare instead of a pleasure. Erectile Dysfunction shows itself in other ways, as well. Many men, for example, cease having erections during sleep or when they awaken in the morning (morning wood). Other men may occasionally experience a strong erection, but they are unable to attain or maintain similar erections at other times. For these men, it is a “hit or miss” proposition. And that is unsatisfactory. And, in every instance, testosterone plays a vital role.

So … what happens to a male when his testosterone level is low? Your automatic response to the question may be this: the man will suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. The correct response is that he will, in fact, experience a severe drop in his libido … a greatly weakened sex drive. What’s more, diminished levels of testosterone can lead to any, or all, of the following unwanted symptoms: male breast enlargement … a higher pitched voice … a shrinking of the testes (testicles) … even loss of muscle mass. In short, low testosterone levels can result in loss of some male characteristics. It is not dangerous, of course, not life-threatening … simply a series of symptoms that no male wants.

Here is how most Physicians Diagnose Erectile Dysfunction

If you believe that you may suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, but you’re not sure … see your personal physician. He’ll perform a general physical examination that will provide you with answers. To begin, he’ll examine your genitals in order to assess the nerves and blood vessels that deliver blood to that area of your body. He’ll then measure the blood pressure in your legs to determine if there is a problem with the arteries in your pelvic and groin areas, both of which are involved in the flow of blood to your penis. Your doctor may also examine your rectal area to see if the nerves in that part of your body are affecting the flow of blood to your penis.

Your physician will do more, as well. In fact, he will probably take a blood sample to measure the level of testosterone in your system. Other blood tests may be conducted because they can help identify diseases that can lead to temporary or permanent Erectile Dysfunction.

One blood test, for instance, can determine if you have diabetes, a condition that can lead to permanent Erectile Dysfunction … or infection, a short-term problem that can result in temporary Erectile Dysfunction. If your personal physician finds preliminary evidence that indicates a problem with your arteries or veins, he may conduct specialized tests using Ultrasound, which can help him locate arterial blockages or a narrowing of the veins in your penis, both of which can be corrected by surgery.

Of course, many men, after consultation with their partners, choose to avoid medical treatment for their Erectile Dysfunction. It is always a personal decision. Men who do choose that route – and their partners – are able to enjoy intimacy and fulfillment with the limited physical contact that is available to them. In some cases, the elimination of the use of a particular drug can result in the return of healthy erections – without the need for surgery. If you are suffering from poor erections for a significant amount of time, you may be suffering from ED. But don’t lose heart as there are some powerful steps you can take to get rid of the situation. But, first you should understand What is it that is causing poor erections and ED?

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Advances in medical technology, for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction, has encouraged many men to seek professional medical help. These newer, more effective treatments include the use of suppositories … injected medications … implants … and vacuum devices. If Erectile Dysfunction is damaging the quality of your life, do something about it. Seek qualified medical help today.

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