Erectile Dysfunction Treatment – How to cure impotence/ED!

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This article is the beginning of the series of articles where we’ll be discussing Erectile Dysfunction, it’s causes and an effective comprehensive strategy to treat it and cure it permanently. The advice given here should not be taken as professional medical advice under any circumstances and should be regarded as educational at best.

Introduction to Erectile Dysfunction, ED or impotence

Prior to the 1960s, erectile dysfunction and impotence were taboo subjects, not suitable for public discourse. The change in attitudes about this subject began with the advent of the Sexual Revolution in the middle of the last century. Gradually, over time, people began to speak openly about subjects relating to sex and sexuality … including erectile dysfunction and impotence.

By definition, erectile dysfunction is a condition in which the male – it can be any male — lacks the ability to maintain a penile erection for the purpose of sexual intercourse. While the condition is unpleasant and stressful to those who suffer from it, erectile dysfunction is also quite common (roughly 15-to-30 million American men are afflicted) and treatable. Cures are available.

Importantly, it generally results from a physical problem. In some cases, however, the problem is directly related to psychological difficulties. Help can be had in a number of different ways: through the use of psychotherapy, drug therapy… and, if necessary, surgery.

Here is a brief overview of the root causes of impotence.

If you are someone who is currently suffering from this unfortunate condition, it’s important for you to know precisely what it is and what causes it. That information will become your very valuable first step in meeting the problem head-on, accepting the fact that it exists … and taking control of it so that it no longer impacts your life.

In fact, you can consider this initial step the beginning of a journey that will lead to a much more satisfying future – filled with improved health and renewed energy and vigor … especially sexual vigor. To begin: you need a direct answer to the following question …

What is Sexual Dysfunction and how can I Cure It?

Sexual dysfunction in males refers to the inability to successfully engage in sexual intercourse. There are several reasons why some males have this problem, but the most common reason is erectile dysfunction. Other causes of sexual dysfunction are, as I noted earlier, rooted in psychological problems, as well as in some other physical shortcomings.

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———————————EDITOR’S NOTE———————————————

Here’s something else you need to know: in some cases, the cause of sexual dysfunction can result from a combination of physical and psychological problems. What are some of the psychological problems that inhibit males from successfully engaging in sexual intercourse? Generally, they are anxiety, fear-or- stress-related. The truth is that when males feel the pressure to perform in the bedroom – either self-inflicted pressure or pressure that comes from one’s partner – it often leads to distress and a condition known as performance anxiety.

The term probably speaks volumes. It means, of course, that the male who experiences performance anxiety will find it much more difficult, perhaps even impossible, to satisfy his partner and himself. Fortunately, it is not necessary to live out your life with this problem.

You can overcome the problem with medical assistance and your own determination. But first, it’s important to understand the following …

Here are the facts about normal sexual function. Healthy and natural sexual intercourse involves the interaction that occurs between your mind and your body. Your thoughts, memories and emotions (functions of your mind, of course) trigger your circulatory, nervous, and endocrine (hormonal) systems to produce a sexual impulse.

Combined with desire, also known as your personal sex drive or libido, it compels you to actively seek to engage in sexual activity. As any adult male knows, such stimuli as words, smell, touch or sight may result in a sexual response … in the creation of desire.

When you desire sexual activity with a partner, you have reached Stage One of your personal Sexual Response Cycle – Excitement. Of course, physical and/or emotional excitement leads directly to sexual arousal which, if you have a willing partner, leads directly to sexual intercourse.

It’s worth knowing that, in healthy males, arousal – or excitement – quickly results in blood flow to the penis and an erection that makes sexual activity possible. And when sex happens, successfully, it results in an orgasm. In that instance, the male experiences contractions of his pelvic muscles … a release of muscle tension … and the release of semen, called ejaculation. In some cases, however, there is no ejaculation.

The act of ejaculation is, by definition, orgasm. Interestingly, ejaculation can also take place without orgasm, often in young males who have not yet reached puberty … or as the result of the use of certain drugs, primarily antidepressants.

When orgasm does occur in males, it is followed by a return to the pre-arousal state. Young, healthy and virile males can often have a repeat erection (arousal) in as little as twenty minutes. It can take much longer for older males to return to the aroused state.

So … what are the causes of this sexual dysfunction … what do you need to avoid, if possible … overcome if you become a victim? Here is a brief listing …

* Psychological Problems often result in erectile dysfunction
* Anger toward your partner can lead to anxiety … and thereby ED
* Depression can severely affect or hamper performance
* Boredom with your current partner can lead to performance problems
* Fear of Pregnancy, as well as feeling of detachment from sexual activity can result in an elimination of bedroom activity
* Guilt can end the physical aspects of romance
* Ignorance or inhibitions toward sex can negatively impact sexual activity
* Performance anxiety – fear of intercourse – usually ends all intercourse
* Traumatic experiences (rape, incest, sexual abuse, more) frequently results in sexual dysfunction
* A number of physical factors can contribute to this as well.

Those are the problems … here is the solution. First, you need to understand that there is no need to feel ashamed if you suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotence. Remember: it affects as many as 30 million American males. Help is available … almost everywhere. Actively seek assistance for your problem. Then, enjoy intimacy with your partner … and the rest of your life.

How to cure Erectile Dysfunction/Impotence ?

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