Does Penis Size Matter?

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Every man knows the truth even if women won’t admit. When it comes to the penis, size does matter. A man who is not gifted in the penis area can make up a lot for it in technique. Despite their best efforts, men with less than average penises will still be missing out in the bedroom.

A large percentage of women experience orgasm through clitoral stimulation much easier than through penetration. However, there are women who prefer to be brought to an orgasm through vaginal penetration. Men who have size, endurance and rigidity on their side will find this much easier to accomplish.

long penis

Men who pack more penis punch get an added benefit from the Grafenberg area. This hot spot is located near the front vaginal wall. This area will balloon during a woman’s orgasm. The cervix will also contract in a forward motion. Combined, these reactions exert a unique pressure that only men who are largely endowed get to experience.

Physical aspects aside, a large penis is a typical part of a woman’s fantasy life. Who can blame them really? Most men prefer the look of a large, rigid penis even if they walk on the straight side of sex. Women not only fantasize about length but also about the girth of penis.

Women who prefer penetration induced orgasms also like different position. Up, down, front or behind: every woman is different in what rings her gong. Some women prefer to do the majority of the work which can take a patient and stoic man to last the ride.

Besides having a bigger member does bring about huge confidence in a man. And psychological confidence in men has a lot to do with what they come up as in bed.

Abe Lincoln Penis

So, size does have its advantages but men shouldn’t get hung up on the fact. Most women are more impressed with a man who has rigidity and endurance over a Mr. Ed impersonator. Even though size matters in some aspects, style and stamina can make up the difference.

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