What Causes Premature ejaculation?

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Male ejaculation has been thoroughly researched. On average, ejaculation occurs in around 3-7 minutes after penetrating the vagina for most guys; (that is of course, if he doesn’t try to delay it). While this amount of time may seem paltry, most mammals ejaculate in mere seconds after entry.

Evolutionary breeding instinct is to blame for premature ejaculation; it’s your desire to produce offspring driving it. This would also explain the need for men to climax before women; which further ensures pregnancy. Your reproductive system is always seeking conditions of maximum effectiveness.

Premature ejaculation is simply the reproductive system doing what it is supposed to do. And further explains why a lot of younger guys are the biggest culprits for it.

Since mankind’s beginning, he has had certain sexual / biological adaptations working for him, ensuring the survival of the species; premature ejaculation is one of them. Since that time however, things have changed.

Basic survival isn’t as hard as it was in the beginning, and sex has become a leisure activity. As such, today’s modern woman demands good sex, and will go to lengths to find it.

Men are expected to do the exact opposite of what they had been doing (sexually) for the previous 30,000 years. This has all been brought on by social and psychological upheavals all across the board, in the last 50 – 100 years.

When you look at the big picture, you can see very clearly that premature ejaculation is a good thing for our species. The average healthy man can go from limp to ejaculation in at least 5 minutes. If you seeking to lead an active sex life, you will need to learn to control and delay your sexual responses in order to last long enough to prove useful.

The very idea of engaging in sex without specifically seeking orgasm is a completely foreign concept to most men. But with a little practice and technique, they can still become a sexual powerhouse. And as always, practice makes perfect; after refining your methods through repeated use, you will develop further ability. It is now your duty to learn to harness your own sexual responses and take control of your sex life and happiness.

Condition of the nervous system is indicated in the presence of premature ejaculation. So the faster you ejaculate, the better the system. While it is true that you can control this, (which we’ll discuss later) you’ll gain more time as you age, and as your nerves become more callused

“If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it..!.” If you are healthy and have a quick, attentive sexual response, you most likely won’t encounter any future problems; the statistics are in your favor.

So we’ve already established that; men ejaculate hastily as they possess a exceedingly reactive nervous system that was bound to their DNA for means of reproduction. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be controlled or contained though, does it? .

Premature ejaculation has also been linked to negative adolescent masturbation habits in adults. It could very well be that when your body becomes acclimated to unwarranted and immediate gratification, it becomes highly sensitized. The only way to quash this turn of events is to ‘reprogram’ your sexual clock; making your times longer. Try to expand the duration of time you ‘do sex’, whether alone or with others, and following some of the forthcoming tricks. With a little time, your system will adapt and level out.

As recently discovered by researchers, Seratonin levels play a huge role in PE. It is responsible for your ejaculation control sensation (or lack thereof). That is one of the chief reasons why men on anti-depression drugs often have trouble with orgasm and ejaculation. Seratonin and its role in ejaculation will be looked at later at another time; in addition to some alternative therapies, which produce results.

So, hang on and listen to TheVigrXMan. Next – Understanding your erections and ejaculation

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