Arousal control techniques – Learn to control your sexual responses

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Being able to control your level or arousal is needed if you are trying to learn to control your sexual responses. This is what you should start thinking and working on if you are looking to further enhance your sexual prowess.

In case you aren’t familiar with the term, arousal is synonymous with the term horny. You only need to learn to control your arousal levels in order to open up your sexual world to long nights of passionate love making.

You don’t need to limit your arousal or pleasure in any way; that’s not what the process entails; you need to learn to CONTROL your arousal. Limiting yourself will only turn off your partner and hamper further sexual exploits; and simply avoiding arousal will only make you more powerless to control it.

The best approach is to train your body and mind undergo the arousal process at a much slower rate; not only will this be better for your partner, but you’ll get better results from it as well. Earth shattering orgasms and longer love making times await you. Imagine giving your wife a leg shaking orgasm. Yes it is possible if you can learn to control your sexual arousal and thereby stay hard for long.

Arousal control at its most basic level involves equal parts mental and physical (this even extends into other autonomic processes within your body)

The entire process leading up to ejaculation and eventually, orgasm; is a process that you must learn to suppress. It involves preventing your body from turning on the sympathetic system, (you need to keep yourself relaxed and in a parasympathetic state for it to work properly). Experimenting with these controls will also enable you to fully experience the arc of your arousal over a greater length of time.

Individuals with the ability to truly control their orgasm / arousal will be able to remain in a more relaxed state throughout a series of sexual encounter(s). What they’ve done is trained their body to reach a certain arousal level and stay there. And as you gain more practice and experience, you’ll experience the same situations and gain the same abilities. Next – Understanding Sexual arousal: the four stages

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