Male enhancement Products Scams exposed!

Male enhancement products scams exposed - Are there really any Top male enhancement products?


Wouldn’t it be nice to thrill your partner in bed each time she has an intercourse with you. And if you are one of those suffering from male sexual problems or experience any of the problems in the bedroom like premature ejaculation, lack of size or strength in erection or you want more volume or quality of semen, won’t it be nice if you could just pop a pill once a day and instantly enjoy more passionate, longer-lasting, satisfying sexual experiences.

There are all kinds of pills, products, topical creams and treatments for the male sexual problems and for enhancement of the male stamina and increase in penis size. We have all seen the fantastic claims people make about getting their sex lives charged up using these products. Many sites on the internet chart out their own lists of “top 10 male enhancement”, “best male enhancement pills” and so on. Men of all ages are lining up to try the latest miracle drug or sexual enhancement product.

I can tell you right now that 95% of such penis enlargement and male enhancement companies are frauds. Similarly those advertising their products as “impotence pills“, “erection enhancement pills” etc. are engaged in highly unethical marketing tactics and many among those even the bigger brand names avoid listing the side effects of their drugs, pills and products.

Some are even facing legal lawsuits due to misleading advertising or improper labeling of the ingredients in their products. You may have even fallen prey to one of those companies whose advertisements you see all over the internet, tv and the media.  


To find out male enhancement products that can work for the following causes -

1. Increase penis size.
2. Cure problems like premature ejaculation, erection failures, impotence, low quality and quantity of semen.
3. Longer lasting sexual intercourse with more volume of ejaculated semen.


1. Ineffective or Harmful ingredients

Can you believe some of the enhancement pills out there primarily have vitamins E and A and minerals like zinc as their main ingredients. While these vitamins and minerals are proven to enhance male libido as well as some effect in hardening erection has also been proven there is no way they can cure all sexual problems or increase penis size within few days which the owners of such products use to claim. It is ridiculous to believe that such products can dramatically enhance male sexuality.

Most of the other products that do use some effective herbal formulations do not have a balanced scientific formulation for best results. Some pills and products don’t have herbs like Ginseng, some didn’t have Tribulus Terrestris and so on. Majority of the companies actually don’t have effective andmale enhancement Good Manufacturing Practices nor an effective way to actually extract ingredients using any state of the art method. They also don’t seem interested in research and development or increasing effectiveness of their Quality control departments and laboratories. So, definitely the quality of the ingredients in their products is also questionable. No wonder most of such products do not work.


2. Highly unethical marketing techniques

James Vincent in his marketing book 12 month millionaire explains how he was able to extract most money out of the customers due to a specific “credit card” marketing and loopholes in the law. Here is an excerpt from the book -

“And if you’re one of the first 200 people to order, you’1l receive FREE ENROLLMENT into our preferred customer club where you’ll qualify to receive a full $2O discount on all your future bottles of (product name). And so you don’t go without (product name) in your system, you’ll automatically receive a fresh bottle every 3o-days and your credit card will be billed the club Member Price of $39.95 plus $6_95 S/H- not the $59.95 fee non members have to pay. There are no minimum amounts of bottles to buy and you can cancel at any time. The number to call is XXXXXXXXX, and you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

The above paragraph is considered almost a sacred text of marketing, as utilizing it in his marketing campaigns, James Vincent became a millionaire. This was a marketing technique first used by James Vincent to sell his own products, that makes use of automatic charging of credit card. This has also become almost a standard in marketing of products like penis pills and acai berry.

Of course these are backed up by outrageous claims like the company guarantees 3-5 inches increase in penis size in just weeks! Stay away from any product or site that claims that.  

Besides some of the companies have opened up their own reviews site that claim their product is the number 1 rated penis enlargement/male enhancement product while they themselves are the owners of such review sites.

3. Irresponsible and inadequate staff

 Most companies do offer a refund policy but lack a proper staff department that could take care of customer queries or refund problems.

This is exactly what happens when you go on to buy a cheap product. Their owners just can’t afford keeping proper staff to take care of their customers.

Debunking the male enhancement reviews sites myths - Consumers scam alerts

If you search for male enhancement pills reviews or something in Google, there will be tons of sites appearing as legitimate review sites that actually are either owned by the product owners themselves or are highly biased. We can’t name the actual sites or product companies but there are some companies you should clearly stay away from due to how they are into marketing male enhancement products:

Extenze - Offers a free trial for 7 days and then goes on to bill you $43.95 + $6.95 S/H because the “7 day trial” automatically enrolls you into a monthly subscription. A classic example of “James Vincent” style of marketing. JUST READ THE FINE PRINT! And stay away from Extenze.

Endowmax, Xytomax, Xanogen - All 3 products are owned by the same company and they even have the same phone order number. If you come across a review site that lists them together as best 3 male enhancement pills you know what it is - outright lie and deceiving consumers.

Marathon 21 / Magna-Rx - Owned by the same company. We can only assume that Magna-Rx’s cheap ingredients have been passed on to the new product name called Marathon 21. Magna-Rx has had enough bad publicity in the past due to the lies. Just remember a $10 bottle can’t really provide the best results for boosting male stamina, nor much can be ensured regarding its safety.

Extagen - Some reviews sites claim that Extagen in the only product that works. We came to know that the owners of Extagen own those review sites. The Extagen product does work but I seriously think that they are not the best in the market.

After encountering with so many companies, digging up the products reviews sites we realized most of all those male enhancement products are useless, some are even harmful, some do work a bit but are way overpriced and use deceptive marketing. But one thing is sure -the owners of all these companies have been laughing all the way to the bank.

Which companies can we recommend?

It was like we have few diamonds in the rough. Their manufacturing department was impressive, the quality of ingredients used were good, and the science behind their product also made good sense.

There are 3 male enhancement pills we recomend - Vigrx Plus, Generic viagra, Generic Cialis.

But don’t take my word for it, you can visit the comaprison report on these products or visit the  companies below. See what you think.

Remember that in most cases, the problem is the man’s lack of understanding about overall sexuality and how to interpret his partner’s body signals that actually lead to underperformance in bed, anxieties etc. that go on to further magnify the problem. Also most men use to tackle their problems with a quick fix, like an over-the-counter drug or cheap penis pill, because talking to a doctor or their partner about it is too embarrassing. Almost everyone will have some form of sexual dysfunction as they age, whether it manifests as a decrease in libido, ability to maintain an erection or ejaculation timing etc. so don’t panic and run for quick fixes.

When it comes to otc drugs for sexual enhancement The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate over-the-counter male enhancement drugs and supplements, so the exact pharmacological makeup is unclear, and disclosure of potential side effects is not regularly enforced. So there is a real risk for dangerous drug interactions that could affect your long-term health.

Get informed and Make a decision!

All the Best.

David Kelly

Here are the companies I recommend

1. Vigrx Plus -A good male enhancement product that focuses on a comprehensive sexual enhancement of manhood. The company has great customer service. The product is approved by real Doctors and consists of - High Quality Herbs blended in effective scientific formulation. The only SAFE HERBAL product that actually concentrates on getting the ingredients absorbed in the body for maximum results - includes Bioperine for fast acting results. Has the potential to cure erection problems with long term treatment.

2. Generic Viagra - Gives amazing rock hard erections. Has been proven to work with the highest success rate. And has got many loyal fans. Many people have reported ability to have last longer and have sex multiple times in the same session. This is Huge plus point for most men. Effectively treats Erectile dysfunction. And is prescribed worldwide by Doctors to treat impotence and ED.

3. Generic Cialis - Similar to viagra in producing erections. Many men have reported cialis to have longer lasting results in some cases upto 36 hours. Cialis is often referred to as the weekend pill due to it’s long lasting effect. Appears to be the easiest, most cost effective, spontaneous, and natural male enhancement drug.

                         You can visit the comaprison report on these products.

4.Semenax - The product goes on to increase semen volume and quality. Worth looking at!